How Gratitude changes your life

February 13, 2019Rabea
How Gratitude changes your life main th

Finding things to be grateful for everyday isn’t really hard and we still don’t do it enough. This is why I wanted to show you how Gratitude changes your life when you practice it every day.

Mindset changes to optimism

This is the most obvious change in your life after a while of practicing gratitude daily. If you had a pessimistic or neutral outlook before you will notice that you will see a lot of things way more positive now. You tend to snap less at people when you are stressed and you are overall more motivated and inspired cause it’s easier for you to find things that are good and inspirational.

You look for the good in everything

No matter how bad your life feels. If you practice gratitude you will find the good in everything. Sometimes I have a good cry and then remember all the things that are going well for me at the moment. It’s super helpful to not have a negative voice speaking in your head when you have a bad day. A bad day is just a day that is a bit off, not the end of the world. More about that two points down.

You look at fails as life lessons

Let’s face it: We all fail almost daily at stuff in our lives. But that isn’t depressing or bad at all. When we start looking for the good in everything we start to learn that fails are just life lessons. Everything bad that happens teaches you something you shouldn’t do or do differently in the future. There is nothing bad about failing when you ask yourself “Why?” afterwards. Everything happens for a reason my friend.

You can stop your spiraling thoughts easier

I already kinda talked about it but if you tend to be depressed very easily or even have depression practicing gratitude daily can help you tremendously with keeping your thoughts from spiraling down. I know how it feels to have a voice in your head that talks you down and makes the bad situations even worse. Gratitude might make it easier to stop those thoughts and push them away with the things you can be happy about. Doing this as much as you can in these situations will also train your brain to think differently. It’s a form of cognitive therapy.

You get more confident

Gratitude isn’t only about your  work day. It’s also about the things you own, the way you look and the relationships you have. A part of gratitude is self-love and that will help you a lot with growing more confident as times goes on and you keep telling yourself what about yourself is great. There is nothing arrogant or bad about thinking you look great and are a good person as long as you can reflect on yourself as a whole and still notice when you did something bad. Which is the self-reflection part of you not the gratitude part. If you want a post about self-reflection let me know in the comment below.

You have a different effect on the people around you

We are the people we surround ourselves with. So if you get more positive that subconsciously changes the way your friends are around you. If you are less prone to snap at them or be pissed the less they are pissed…unless you have really non-empathic friends…which…leave people that are pissed too much in the first place (queue “Thank you, next” by Ariana). You also tend to understand people easier and don’t get mad as fast. You tend to be more grounded in bad situations after practicing gratitude for a few weeks.

Of course not only gratitude helps with these things but also things like mindfulness and even therapy (you don’t need to be ill to get therapy!). But these were my points on how gratitude changes your life.
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