5 ways to make your day more productive

June 9, 2018Rabea

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You did a lot today, but you still don´t think that it was really productive? I feel like that too from time to time and there are 5 ways to make your day more productive that I want to show you in this post.

Have a good morning routine

Every person that follows me a bit longer on here knows that I always mention having a routine and that it is super important to have a morning routine. I get it, sometimes you fall off the habit of having a morning routine, but if you never even had a good one in the first place you should definitely read Miracle Morning and add a workout to your morning routine. It might sound bad, but working out in the morning will change your life.

Use an app that blocks out social media

We spend way too many hours on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and this needs to stop. I can totally recommend the app “Forest”. This app blocks out social media and grows a cute little tree while you can access your apps. This helps me to focus on writing this blog post for example. I also love that you can buy different trees after a while of using it because you get little coins for waiting. If you pay for the app you can actually plant real trees for rainforest programs and more. This is not sponsored, I just genuinely love the concept of this app.

Use the Pomodoro method

And while we speak about blocking out things for a timeframe. Try out the Pomodoro method. It’s about working for 25 minutes and then having a 5-minute-break. This helps tons of students and I personally found it in the study community on Tumblr. It can be perfectly combined with Forest and makes you work more effectively. It can take a little to get into it, but I think it’s great as soon as you are in the flow.

Only have 2-3 big tasks per day

I talk about this ALL the time. Even if you don’t procrastinate the whole day you can only work on 2-3 big tasks per day. Of course you can do little things besides the big tasks, but try to only have three main goals or tasks per day. Nobody can really do more than 4 without stressing out. This will keep your day balanced and your tasks will be more effectively planned out through the week. I personally only allow three task points per day in my Bullet Journal on weekdays and two on the weekends.

Have a journal for when you get overwhelmed

We get overwhelmed pretty easily when we don’t acknowledge what we actually do. If you need to call you brain down you should journal your thoughts onto paper. I wrote a whole blog post with reasons to start a journal. I also have a whole blog post on what to do when you are overwhelmed. Please care for yourself first before you work. Health is always more important than working.

And these are my 5 ways to make your day more productive. These were more tips that ways, but sometimes we need a little realtalk on here. I personally work in a job I love and feel like I’m productive all the time now.

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5 ways to make your day more productive

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