Is personal development important?

March 14, 2020Rabea

Personal development can sound like a big professional word that people in manager positions use a lot. But is personal development important? YES! And here are a few reasons why (from a girl that isn’t working in corporate!)

Is personal development important

Imagine you would never grow

That would be really bad, right? Personal development not only happens by itself already cause you can’t stop time and change, but there are also personal development plans that help you set goals for your growth. You want to become a better person (I hope!) and that’s pretty much all that personal development is. Developing yourself. It feels almost dumb to explain this, but these two words have been so overused in certain contexts that they don’t even sound like themselves anymore when you read them.

Strengthens your resilience

With growth comes failure and challenges. And while that might sound bad it is exactly what you need to get better at the goals you set and it makes you resilient. You will be able to look back 5-10 years and tell me that you were less resilient back then. We don’t only adapt when life throws tragedies at us, but also in the little day to day life with the little goals of writing more or doing more for your health. 

You make your life easier

If you reflect on yourself you will get better intuition and especially in work-related personal development you will figure out systems to make your work easier. Doesn’t matter if you read a book like “Getting Things Done” and implement the system or if you just randomly took a step back one day and realized there was a better way to go about something you have been doing. You will make your life easier with time, but if you actually concentrate on growing, you will figure these things out a little faster.

Didn’t already start your personal development journey? There is a full guide and workbook that will be available for you soon. Check out what’s in it and pre-order it HERE. Until then you should check out my smaller version of a personal development plan:

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Is personal development important

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