6 Things to learn in 2020

December 18, 2019Rabea

Don’t know what to start doing in 2020? Here are 6 things to learn in 2020 to develop more skills for the future.

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a new language

This sounds really basic but you might only speak one second language and another one might be a great idea. The way most people go about learning languages is not ideal. Just repeating words over and over again doesn’t bring you anywhere in the long term. I found out recently that you only need about 500 words in a language to know 60% of daily used language and need to understand the way the language structures a sentence. The rest comes from context. The majority of actually internalizing the language is actually speaking it and consuming it. My next goal is to learn Spanish. A language not too hard to learn, spoken a lot and there are tons of Spanish Youtubers out there and people that I can befriend to learn the daily use of the language. Which one do you want to learn? Spanish, German, French, Russian, Korean, Japanese? There are so many and I want to be able to speak 3-4 languages fluently by the time I’m 30. German, English, Spanish & either Russian or Turkish.


Drawing is something a lot of people want to get better at but don’t invest enough time in. After you decide what you want to learn (like anatomy or landscapes) you need to commit yourself to it. Find a way you can challenge yourself and be held accountable for practicing. I know a lot of people do a one year long challenge of drawing one piece a day (they catch up if they missed a few days) and document it on Instagram to be held accountable for it. I personally want to get better at making my sketches into something that’s a full artwork faster, but currently drawing isn’t my priority.

healthy work-life balance

This sounds so adult and pretentious but it gets more and more important in a society that pushes the limits on what productivity is. Learn to take care of yourself and how to manage your time. Find out how much you should work and how much you should rest. Learn what helps you to relax. I actually wrote an entire eBook about all things self care that could help you get deeper into the topic of taking better and more helpful breaks throughout your week. You can even get a free chapter of it in my resource library. Check out the big “MIND, BODY & SOUL” self care eBook HERE. Personal development and self care should definitely be something you learn about more at some point in your life.


This is something a lot of people don’t want to get involved in cause they attach so many negative emotions to it. Well, you should actually learn about to NOT have these negative emotions about it anymore. Being able to manage money well is a very important skill to have on a personal and work level. Doesn’t matter if you just watch a lot of Youtube videos on money management or if you actually go to a local course for finance planning, doesn’t matter. As long as you get better at understanding the topic. Something I want to get into more, definitely. I’m in my early 20s and I could definitely use a good kick to actually check into my finances more and document them better to have a better overview. If you plan on making more money in the future you also need to know how to not throw it out immediately. They actually have a great bundle at Ultimatebundles.com at the moment, that centers around mastering your money. Around a thousand dollars worth of eBooks and courses that could really help you with your future for only around $40. Check out everything that’s included HERE.


This might be a weird one and is definitely an expensive hobby if you get into it, but practicing makeup on yourself and others can be a great way to express yourself creatively and maybe even make money. There is something called #100daysofmakeup and it helps tons of people to learn to be more creative and get better at makeup. I personally want to get better at this whole thing and wanna do it more but currently simple don’t prioritize my budget in a way that I would spend incredible amount of it on makeup wipes with are so astronomically expensive that it should be illegal to price them like this.


Starting a blog is something that brings you more than just one skill. You’ll learn how to write better, how to plan out content, how marketing works and how to create products and sell them. Since I know that a lot of people want to get into this whole scene I made an entire e-course with all the things you need to know to start accumulated into one space. Wanna get the first few lessons for free to get a look into the “Blogging Bossbabe” e-course? Sign up for a free email course full of all the pre-launch essentials and blog planning advice:

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6 Things to learn in 2020

6 Things to learn in 2020 by Rabea

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