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May 4, 2019Rabea
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Recently I shared blog posts with you about how to start making habits and which habits you should consider starting. But you also need to stop doing some things in your life to make it more effective and healthy for yourself. Here are habits to stop now:

Binge watching

This is a habit many of you have and it’s not healthy. Watching a series for 1-2h every few days is totally okay and even considered a good way to relax but if you binge watch a whole season of something you are just frying your brain and take yourself out of a healthy daily rhythm. It should be a treat to watch a few episodes here and then. This also is important for Youtube videos if you tend to do that more. Don’t fall into one of those youtube holes that you don’t come out of for 4 hours. It’s hard and sometimes you just can’t stop yourself but work on doing it less often.

Binge eating

Emotional eating is a big thing a lot of us do without noticing. Watch what and how much you eat when you are more stressed or generally more sad for a week or two. There is a big difference that can be easily overseen. It’s also easy to overeat because you distract yourself while eating. Don’t put too much on your plate and just get some more when you’re still hungry after that. That helps if you can’t help it but distract you somehow. I find it hard too since I get annoyed by my own eating sounds sometimes.


Try to wake up with the first alarm on your phone instead of snoozing for 30 minutes. Having more time in the morning helps you to take your time with self-care and that makes you overall more productive through the day. If you can’t train yourself normally to wake up with the first alarm just put your phone across the room. That means you need to stand up to put off your alarm which will automatically make you a little bit more awake.

Mindless scrolling

This is very similar to binge watching in a sense that we don’t stop ourselves from doing something that overloads our brain. If you look at social media all day long with almost no breaks your brain makes too many decisions. This leads to decision fatigue and that makes you overall more unproductive. Try to use your phone only at certain times of the day. Or do it like me and just don’t allow yourself to look at your phone in work hours unless you just finished a big task. But with that one you need to be able to put it aside after a few minutes.


Too much complaining instead of seeing the positives in your current situation slowly puts you into a negative mindset. Not only that, but it also wastes so much time to just talk when you can actually do something to change your situation. Of course it is important to feel and acknowledge your emotions, that’s what healthy people do. But monitor how much you actually complain about things that get resolved fast. There are maybe one or two situations per week that are totally valid to complain about. Money isn’t one for example since you can work in the time you would need to complain and also because having a negative emotion connected to money won’t help with making more of it. Even I need to constantly learn that. Nobody’s perfect.

There are definitely habits to stop now. If you want to read more about habits you should read my blog post on how to start a habit and if you don’t know which new habits to start you should check out my blog post full of habits to start.

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