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June 8, 2019Rabea
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Most of us spend too much time on social media which is why we really need to have a social media detoxed and a controlled way to use social media. That’s why I wanted to share my social media detox tips with you today.

Apps to block it off

Forest (Android & iOS)

This app will not let you on any apps in a set amount of time unless you have said apps on a whitelist. I personally use this a lot when I notice myself picking up my phone or headphones too much during the day. You even get rewarded with coins in the app and can get new little trees that grow while the countdown is on. This also helps a lot if you are on your phone a lot in the evenings. Just put it on 1-2 hours before you want to get ready for bed and it will definitely be easier to fall asleep.

Stay on task (Android)

This is very similar to Forest but you can set times to automatically track work sessions & you can pause this one. This is definitely great if you just need something to keep yourself on track with work. The app will randomly check on you and ask you if you’re still on task and that will show you how much you are actually being distracted. I’m loving the whole idea of getting checked at random.

SPACE (Android & iOS)

This app is measuring how many times per day you unlock your phone and how much your screen is actually on. You can set yourself limits and get a reminder when you’re over a certain time of unlocks or screen time. I personally got too good at ignoring it after a while but you might be super happy to see your stats for how much you stare at your phone.

Activities you can do without social media

+a day outside
+spa day
+learn to draw better
+meeting up with friends

Write down your thoughts when you’re not distracted by online stuff

Thoughts tend to be the new main focus as soon as we aren’t distracted by screens. Writing down what’s going through your mind when it’s not influenced by media is super important to get to know yourself better. It also helps you see what subconsciously goes through your mind all day while you’re being distracted. What you write down doesn’t need to make sense. Just write what’s coming through your head right onto paper. Look up “Stream of Consciousness” writing if you need some tips for that.

Be creative for once

While online media can help us be inspired, motivated and do new things, it can also keep us from doing something creative. Just painting without any influence from the media you’re consuming is incredibly relaxing. Maybe write on a book project you’ve been wanting to start or just rearrange your whole room. There are so many things that will come to your mind after a while without staring at Instagram pictures.

Do the things you’ve been putting off for weeks

We all have this small or big list of things we have been wanting to do but we still didn’t manage to just do them. Maybe you need to make some doctors appointments or there is something you need to deep clean. Is there a birthday soon that you need to find a gift for? When was the last time you backed up your data? Decluttered your phone? Is there a book you finally want to finish? There are so many things you are putting off.

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Social Media Detox Tips

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