Reasons why you’re unproductive

April 27, 2019Rabea
Reasons why you’re unproductive main th

We are the generation of permanently being unproductive or feeling unproductive. There are a few things you should do differently in your daily routine if the problem isn’t just pure laziness. Here are the reasons why you’re unproductive:

no set work hours

Working whenever you think it’s right can be super productive or super unproductive based on how self motivated you are. I, personally, made myself a little work hours timetable from 1pm-6pm that I try to fill with work as much as possible. Of course I don’t hold that time in every day and sometimes I just work better when I don’t have these hours but it definitely helps with concentrating and seeing an end with all the work in front of you. Knowing how much work you did in a time frame instead of spread all over the day feels better. Just set times and concentrate as much as you can in that time!

phone on the desk

Put your damn phone away if you still have it on your desk while you work or at least block the apps that aren’t needed for work with apps made for this purpose. I’m also prone to this problem because some of my work doesn’t need my full focus and I really love listening to podcasts. When I write I sometimes pick up my phone after every paragraph and get distracted by Instagram. Block yourself off from that while you need to be concentrated. It’s better for your mental health and your work.

wrong music

Music while you’re working should be without lyrics & slow. It’s a whole different debate if you should listen to music while working in the first place but I understand that some people just work better that way. There are a ton of playlists on Spotify and Soundcloud that are made to focus you. Don’t listen to pop music, EDM or whatever else you might be into while working. Your mind will be distracted by the lyrics and familiarity. I also love dancing around to Ariana Grande but not when I need to be productive.

too many distractions

Put them away or off! No matter if it is notifications, apps, sounds, tasks that aren’t as urgent as the one in front of you or just another person in the room. If you can get rid of a distraction you should. For my phone I use the app “Forest” and it works wonders when I need to have my phone close but not want it to distract me. Also don’t have too many tabs open if you are working in your browser. While I’m writing this I only have my document and my editorial calendar open in my browser and it definitely helps. If Pinterest was in another tab I would instantly be there.

too many thoughts

If you keep getting sidetracked because of your own thoughts journal them out of your mind onto paper. Sometimes that might help, sometimes talking to a friend help a little bit better. Just try to get it out. Maybe you are unbalanced in your life at the moment and should practice more self-care to calm down more. That’s always one of the main reasons why you’re unproductive. If you need resources for that check out my self-care category on this blog or check out the “How to get your life together” Guide in my freebie library. You can access it as a part of my newsletter Squad:

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Reasons why you’re unproductive

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