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April 20, 2019Rabea
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After talking how to build habits a few weeks ago I finally wanted to continue this little blog post series about habits with habits to start now. There are so many simple things that we simply don’t do every day although we should. Here are my personal habits to start now:

Drinking enough water

This is the ultimate end boss for a lot of us, right? You probably tried to keep up with this habit over and over again and failed with multiple different ways to get yourself to drink more water. Don’t give it up! I personally have a refillable water bottle that I always put in front of me when I’m working on my desk and take with me whenever I relocate somewhere else. Another thing combined with this are reminders in physical and digital form. They might not work for everyone but maybe a habit app that you fill in every evening helps. I personally use Daylio. It’s an app that I track mood, habits and activities with. Have been using it for over 900 days now and it’s customizable too.


This is something I need to do more too. Going over your face with a face brush, cleanser and moisturizer is super important to keep your skin looking young for longer. It doesn’t matter if you wear make up or not, there is so much stuff landing on your skin every day that should be cleaned away. I personally would use habit stacking when it comes to this habit. Just add it to your routine before or after brushing your teeth or something like that. Another part of skincare is also the rest of your body. Use body lotion as often as you can and exfoliate your skin once a week (also something a lot of people don’t do because it is easy to forget).


I will never stop talking about journaling on this blog. Writing down your thoughts and emotions into a notebook or a document on your computer is therapeutic and helps you to grow as a person. It might not be a daily habit for you but you could make it one through writing down what the good things were every day and what could go better next time and if you have nothing else to write that’s totally okay…although there are a lot of journaling prompts everywhere online that you could use to find yourself a little bit more.


The older you get the fewer books you read and this is kinda sad since you never really stop learning. I personally love personal development books but really need to work on reading a few pages every morning. You might find a fantasy world more interesting but even those fantasy worlds teach you how to write better yourself. Reading is never the wrong decision, no matter which age you are. If you can’t get yourself to read as much you might want to get into reading articles or even writing articles about things you know a lot about.


I only recently wrote a whole blog post listing a few of the best benefits of meditating. There are tons of studies about the benefits of meditating 20-60 minutes every day. There are great apps for it like Headspace and Youtube also has some great guided meditations. Sitting down for 5-20 minutes every morning and just breathing has more effects than you might think. Less stress, better immune system, lower risk of heart diseases, better sleep and more positivity. Those are just a few things this will bring you. This is in my personal top 3 for habits to start now. It just has way too many benefits to not do it

Working out

This is a classic but a great habit to actually build. It is one of the hardest things to turn into a habit. Going to a gym 6 days a week to work on yourself can be a bit too much all at once. Start with a challenge and have an accountability partner and maybe try going to the gym 4x per week right after. There are so many ways you can make this a habit but you need to find the way that works for you which is why a lot of people give up so fast. Investing into a gym membership can’t be a wrong decision though. Having a trainer can definitely help the most.

These are the habits to start now. Of course not all at once but try to incorporate some of them over time. This stuff is so important for your physical and mental health and should be a priority for you.
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Comments (2)

  • Sabrina | The Budding Optimist

    May 31, 2019 at 7:29 am

    Great list! I’m working on drinking more water and I recently discovered a free app called “Plant Nanny” that lets you “water” and grow cute plants when you drink water. It helps remind me to drink more water and even sends me reminders throughout the day. I also find that putting a slice of lime or lemon helps make water more interesting and easier to drink!

    1. Rabea

      June 7, 2019 at 11:51 am

      That app sounds super cute and sounds like “Forest” just for drinking. I’ll definitely have to check it out. Thank you for the recommendation!

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