7 habits of productive women

June 23, 2018Rabea

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There are certain things that successful and productive women do. I would consider myself productive and also kind of successful depending on how you define it. That’s why I want to share 7 habits of productive women with you today.

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They are empathic

I feel like a lot of women just have that in their blood, but some of them don’t know how to use this magic. If you know how to handle this sensitivity and use it in the best ways you will see success. You will know what to say and do in situations where others might fail. If you are empathic you know very well that you need to surround yourself with the right people in life to be successful because the wrong people can weight your mood down. Being empathic and handling your own empathy can be learned. I personally meditate and journal a lot to balance myself, but I might write a blog post about it if you want. Let me know if you would like to read that.

They journal daily

Journaling keeps your mind balanced as I already mentioned. Instead of ranting about things online or with friends you sometimes just need to write it down. There is something called Morning Pages that a lot of successful people do. This is about writing 3 pages in stream of consciousness style in the morning to get it out of your system and start your day with a blank canvas. I personally don’t do that a lot, but I journal very frequently and mainly when my head is overfilled with thoughts and pressure. But in the beginning I did morning pages daily and it definitely helped me to cope with my anxiety and I try to get back into it at the moment because it’s very therapeutic.

They are listening to their body

A thing I personally still struggle with when it comes to taking action about it. When you hustle a lot your body begins to scream louder sometimes. If you sit a lot your back hurts easily and you should work out. If you eat a lot of sugar because of your stress your body wants you to eat more fruits. Listening to your body is the most important thing in life, even besides wanting to be productive and successful. Workout a few times a week to keep your body strong and kick yourself in the butt to care for yourself. I know it’s hard, we all struggle with it from time to time. And also getting help if your stress gets too intense is an act of self-care that successful women do.

They have a good organization system

If you know where everything is you are the boss. Organizing everything you need daily, weekly and monthly is the key to being productive and successful. Effectiveness comes from an organized mind which comes from an organized environment for most people. Everything should have its place and you should sort out your belongings frequently. If you need help with doing that I can recommend the book “The life-changing magic of tidying up.” I also recommend watching YouTube videos of other productive women to see how they organize, some systems work and some not. I still change my system around a bit from time to time.

They have a good time management

Time management is the topic everyone talks about but almost nobody follows through with it. I get it, it’s very hard to be on time and plan in a way that works for you. This takes a lot of time to balance. I personally can recommend the Pomodoro method to everyone. It’s about concentrating for 25 minutes and taking a 5 minute break. This is one of the best ways I and a lot of students online work. I also recommend using the app Forest to block out social media while you work. This works wonders for almost everyone that I know in the online world.

They never stop learning

A lot of people think they’ve learned everything by the time they turn 25 and that’s simply wrong. Successful people are always open to learning something new. Sometimes they even learn too much at ones and get overwhelmed (I wrote a blog post with tips for these situations). Reading books and articles online about new topics and things they want to learn is crucial for everyone that wants to grow consistently. Wanna learn how to code a website? Do it! Wanna learn how to draw people? Do it! We live in a time with internet where learning is so easy. You never stop doing it.

They can ignore their perfectionistic thoughts

A lot of creative and successful people are perfectionists, but they have the talent to ignore this side of themselves when they need to. I am by far not always 100% okay with the way my blog posts turn out, but I learned to accept that they are good enough and bring everything I want to say across. This is the same for everything else. As long as it’s done and understandable you don’t need to put in two extra hours just to rewrite the whole thing. Others wouldn’t even notice a difference most of the time.

Those were the 7 habits of productive women. I personally work on all of them consistently and you should do that too. Nobody will be perfect at all of them, it’s a work in progress.

In case you feel like you have to get your life together before you can even start with some of these habits I’d recommend getting my mini personal development plan in my freebie library HERE. Or in the case you wanna go full on with getting your life together and keeping it that way, I made a workbook with tons of information and tips that you can check out and order HERE.

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7 habits of productive women

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