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June 27, 2018Rabea

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Sometimes you just want to make someone else happy and you don’t know how. I picked out 10 ways to make others happy that almost always work and are in a price range that you can handle. Making others happy is making yourself happy. I consider it self-care.


Letters to friends

In a time of social media and messengers we forget how nice it is to find a handwritten letter in your daily mail. I mostly just write little things about my week and some things that I remember that they told me into the letter and most of the time they even answer. I mostly do this with internet friends, but this could also work for friends that live close to you. You could even find little things to put into the letter like cute post-it notes or stickers.


Flowers for your family

Flowers are so much better of a gift than you might expect. They might die with time but they are literally the freshest gift you can give to someone. Especially a mother that takes pictures of everything to make it her profile picture (or like my mother that posts it on Instagram). You can never go wrong with that and if you don´t wanna spend money on it you can even make a little collection of flowers yourself to give it to them.


Compliment a stranger

We all don’t do this enough because we are to shy, but maybe start with someone your age that seems like a nice person or an old cute lady. Giving compliments will always make both people happier. I personally loved getting complimented on my turquoise hair back in 2015 in the middle of Berlin. Sometimes it’s easier than you think to start a conversation in a train or café. I also find that it’s a bit more chill when I have a friend with me or my mother.


Buy food for a friend that’s broke

Sometimes the little things make the biggest difference. We all are broke from time to time and would love to get this help. So why not give this help to others and trust that the universe will give you something equally good. I personally would’ve loved it if someone just payed for me when I barely could do it on my own. If you know how bad life is for someone else and you are a deeply good person you´ll want to give without the expectation to get something back.


Buy someone concert tickets

You share the same taste in music with someone and there is a tour coming up? Buy that person a concert ticket and go together. Concerts are one big happy place and I personally love to share this experience with others. Most of the time I buy my mother concert tickets, but I also think giving it to a friend or even a crush is a great way to make them happy.


Draw something for your best friend

There isn’t a need for drawing skills here. If you love someone you´ll try multiple times and they will also love it if it isn’t the best drawing on the planet. I personally love to paint with watercolors and plan on giving friends a copy of my little paintings. There are tons of simple things you could create. I personally have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to it and always take inspiration from there.


Make a personalized journal

If you know me, you know that I love to talk about journaling and journals. Making an art journal is very therapeutic and if you do it for someone else it´s double the amount of happiness you´ll get from it. I see a lot of people in relationships doing it, but not a lot of friends. We need more art journals for friends out there. You can find tons of inspiration for these on Youtube by the way.


Go on a little road trip together

Especially now in summer it would be a good idea to go on a little roadtrip with your friends if you have a car. I feel like we don’t discover enough cool places in our own countries. Go through the internet and find cool places around you and visit them. I personally know that there are tons of cool castles and churches are here in Germany and I still didn’t see all of them. You can bet that I will go and see them as soon as I have a licence.


Do a photoshoot for someone

Friends, family, neighbours…someone always needs photos for something or especially in summer some people just wanna have fun with things like that. If you have a decent camera or phone you can do fun things for social media or to hang up in the house. I love taking pictures of everything and everyone and I’m pretty sure everybody in my generation does. Go out there and make someone happy with good pictures.


These were my 10 ways to make others happy. There are many more and in the future I will hopefully make a little ebook full of ideas. So watch out for it and get notified for it as a part of my newsletter squad that gets tons of things free in my little download library just for them:

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