Bad habits to stop doing

January 2, 2021Rabea

Bad habits. We all have them and we are made aware of them very painfully, so I might as well add to that. There are some habits in here you probably know you‘re doing, but maybe you‘ll also see that there are a few smaller things on this list that will make a big difference if you change them. So here are bad habits to stop doing.

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We all do it, every single one of us. It turns into a problem when it is done too much, based on too much perfectionism and when you can‘t enjoy your actual free time anymore without thinking about the fact you‘re procrastinating something. As someone that struggles with depressive phases here and there, I can tell you this will be a habit you‘ll always have to work on. But that doesn‘t mean it will always be as bad, let‘s work on making it fluctuate less between doing nothing and everything.

Ignoring Finances

Let me just say something that might sound harsh: Don‘t complain over money when you are ignoring your personal finances regularly! I know it can be hard to stay on top of things, but there is a system that works for everyone. Just figure out how to stay on top of it. As long as we don‘t change the system, might as well do the best we can with what we have inside of the system. That could mean a no-spend policy or any way to stop sliding into deeper debt.

Not tidying up

Listen, it doesn‘t hurt to tidy up before bed every day. That will save you a lot of hassle and it isn‘t that hard to do. All you need to do is putting dirty clothes in the hamper, put dishes into the dishwasher and put away your office supplies. You don‘t have to do it every day if you are a little bit of a minimalist like me, but it should happen once or twice a week depending on how messy it gets.

A bad organization system

This connects right with what I said above. Organization is key! Everything you own should have a place in your home. And when I say everything I mean everything. You don‘t want your notebooks and sunglasses always be in the way in a new place you put them. Make a space dedicated to them. Makes tidying up faster and so much more enjoyable. Oh, organization systems also apply to your digital mess. Clean up your computer and phone and create a system!

Watching TV just cause

If there isn‘t a reason you watch TV, don‘t watch TV. Mindless watching is like mindless scrolling on social media. If you enjoy a show you would watch it with the intention of enjoying the show as self care. The same goes for Youtube videos. If you don‘t learn something or watch as a form of entertainment self care, turn it off and do some actual productive self care like meditating, writing or a soothing hobby.

Not waiting before spending money

So many people complain about money all the time and while some really don‘t have many more options to go about their personal finances, it is kind of insane how many people are actually able to save money if they would just see how unneeded that bought coffee or that subscription is. Search up *lifestyle inflation* and you will understand what I mean. A big contributor to this is not waiting before buying something. Chances are that you don‘t really want that thing that bad and if you do, you can buy it later.

In case this post about bad habits to stop made you excited to change some things you can find three free printable habit trackers and an eBook with 100 ways to be productive today in my resource library that you can access by signing up down below:

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Bad habits to stop doing

Bad habits to stop doing by Rabea

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