Things to do when you feel lost

April 24, 2019Rabea
Things to do when you feel lost main th

It’s spring time! And while a lot of people feel refreshed at this time of the year others are feeling more lost than ever. Here are some things to do when you feel lost to feel better.

Journal everything out

Sometimes you need to get everything from your deepest insides onto paper to find out what’s wrong or what needs to be different. This is where I start a lot of the time. Sometimes the smallest things that are off in your life can cause the biggest unbalance. Repressed emotions also can be a cause of feeling lost or prioritizing the wrong thoughts and values. If this works well for you and you see a pattern you might want to write down the basic questions you asked yourself to find out the cause. Could help the next time you feel lost.

Talk to others

Sometimes the outside view will be the one that tells you what is off. I rarely rant to my friends because I never wanna burden them with my negative thoughts that I can usually figure out by myself. But if you feel lost you should talk to someone or write down your feelings and situation in a long form message. Sometimes you notice things while writing the message in the first place and if not a friend would most likely be able to point out where you’re going wrong at the moment.

Analyze your days

It can be the way you prioritize things that makes you feel so lost. Maybe you do a lot of work that doesn’t have the biggest outcome and should do more of another task that bring you way more outcome. Sometimes your goals also might not be set small enough. We all have big goals and we all have smaller goals and if we don’t put goals into manageable steps we start feeling lost. Prioritize your days and try out what is working and what is not and make some action steps for your goals.


Sometimes you have a blockage of your mindset and creating things can help a lot with refocusing. If I can’t break out of the same old thing every day I just start writing fiction projects or draw something on my iPad. Creating things brings you into a flow state and if your mind can flow it usually finds problems a little bit easier. It’s a little bit like meditation. You either solve a problem while doing it, break a daily boring routine and get refreshed or you just free yourself from stress that’s holding onto you while you create.

Do things differently

Sometimes you’re stuck cause you didn’t change a thing about your routine in a while. Add something new to your daily life, do things differently, sort out tasks that don’t bring you anywhere. Maybe start a workout challenge, art challenge or maybe a self-care challenge to get out of your daily routine a little. I made a whole self-care challenge that you can download in my freebie library. All you have to do to access this freebie and more is to sign up for my newsletter and get new self-care and personal development tips 1-2x per month:

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Things to do when you feel lost

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