How to overcome a burnout phase quickly

May 26, 2018Rabea

How to overcome a burnout phase quickly blog post

A few weeks ago I got to my lowest point of energy in probably years. I worked and researched so much stuff online that I overwhelmed myself into a burnout phase. And before I got into a full on burnout I stopped and did theses things to overcome a burnout phase.


If you want it or not, you need to take a few days off to get back on track again. I pressured myself to do nothing (or almost nothing) for 2-3 days. I just relaxed in my bed, cleaned up my room a bit, read a book and watched YouTube videos. It’s hard not to go into a brainstorm mode when you are a creative person, but it’s doable to stop your brain before it even starts to produce too many ideas. Burnout is the only situation where you don’t want you head full of ideas that you can’t act on.

Intense self-care

If you know me for a bit you will know how passionate I am about self-care. Guess what? If you are burned out you should care for yourself to recharge. Do a face mask, journal your feelings onto paper, go for a long walk and just enjoy the weather, draw something you found on Pinterest, just do something for your soul while you´re in this downtime mode for a few days. And please don´t stop practicing self-care as soon as you get back to work.


Most of the time burnout starts with being overwhelmed by either too many tasks or too many ideas. Make it a bit easier to your brain to decide what’s important and just make a priority list. Your health is more important than work, your hobby is more important than your friends, something along those lines. I personally have my health first, family second, passio third and friends last. This could be different for you and there could also be other factors in your life, but please always have health first.


Time management…we all love to talk about it and then we don’t practice it. If you are overwhelmed very easily you should definitely make time management a habit. I suggest the Pomodoro technique because you have working blocks of 25 minutes and 5 minute breaks. You should read more into it on their site, but it’s perfect for students, home office work and writing from what I’ve tested.

Pre-Plan your week

With your priorities and time management in mind you should pre plan the week on sundays or monday morning. Set three important tasks for every day and how much time of the day it will need to finish that task. The only thing that you need to overcome after that is doing it without getting distracted by something else…which will overwhelm you again. There are apps and programs out there that will only let you have one tab open or shut you off from certain sites.

And this is how to overcome a burnout phase quickly. There is also a lot of mindset training and reminders involved and that’s why I developed a routine to look back on my week every sunday and determine if I did too much or had a good balance. Get my prompt sheet for my Weekly Reviews by signing up to my newsletter below or by checking out my workbook HERE.

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How to overcome a burnout phase

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