Mindfulness skills to develop

September 28, 2019Rabea

Mindfulness is one of the most important things to learn in a life full of stress. It goes way past a few breathing techniques and meditation and can be integrated into daily life. Here are some mindfulness skills to develop.

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Mindfulness skills to develop main th

Thinking about the present more than the past and the future

This is a thing you will hear from tons of people, all the time. There is a reason everyone reminds you of this regularly. We think either about our past pain that we need to move on from or we worry about the future cause we can’t possibly know what tomorrow holds for us. Find techniques and thoughts that regularly bring you back into the present to enjoy your life where it is right now. Not everything has to be perfect to be enjoyable.

Enjoying the small things

Did you ever analyze yourself while you had a bad day? You probably found a problem in the smallest of things. Instead you can practice finding small things to be grateful for. That helps your overall mood in the long term and pulls you out of a bad day pretty quickly. To start this habit all you need is your notes app and a minute of time every day to write down what you are grateful for. To keep up with it I’d even suggest an actual Gratitude Journal.

Being less judgemental

In the time of permanent access to the internet this point is harder to practice than you might think. It’s my personal weak point when it comes to being mindful and the reason I regularly delete all my social media for a few days. Get away from overly judgemental people and learn to stop your thoughts internally when they start getting judgemental and steer them into a more positive direction.

Being able to step back and observe emotions

This is super hard for some people and rather easy for others. If you are angry it’s harder to do than when you’re sad. Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at your last weeks for a second. What coping mechanisms do you use? How have you interacted with people? How have you treated yourself? Most of them time this explains your current emotion and you can accept it and work on it. It takes quite some time to be able to do this all the time. I suggest you to journal regularly for this.

An attitude of openness, curiosity and acceptance

This also seems easy while reading it but is it really? Being open minded doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a liberal outlook on life and don’t judge people on how they look. It also means being able to see other subjective opinions and lifestyles. Accepting other people also is harder than it seems when they live far from your ideals. I still constantly need to balance this out since there are tons of people that are actually bad and I don’t want my emotions to get too deep into their negative outlooks on life. It’s a constant balance act.

These are some mindfulness skills to develop. If you have other skills you can add to this post by commenting down below. If you want to read more about mindfulness, I suggest you to check out my blog post about mindfulness at work. If you love learning about self-care in combination with mindfulness I can recommend you my recently published eBook “MIND, BODY & SOUL” on all things self-care. Get a free chapter in my freebie library by signing up for my newsletter (it’s free!):

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Mindfulness skills to develop

Mindfulness skills to develop by Rabea

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