How to motivate yourself

June 13, 2018Rabea

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Motivating yourself to get your job done and also do things for yourself can be really hard for some of you. That’s why I collected my most important tips on how to motivate yourself and want to share them with out today.

Get yourself out of the lazy and negative mindset

This is the hardest part, but getting into a positive mindset is crucial to being motivated for what you need to do. Analyze your thought patterns and overwrite them with positive ones. I made a whole blog post about this topic last week and I think it will help you a lot with the mindset part of this. Gratitude is a big part of motivation and inspiration.

Don’t think too much and just do it

Now that you started changing your thoughts you still think a lot about the things that you need to do but don’t do them. The problem with this isn´t only that you could do it in the time you think about it. Your brain also begins to think it’s already done, because you thought so much about it. Sometime you just need to follow the phrase “Just do it.” because nobody else will do it for you. Pushing it to the next day won’t make it better.

Take enough breaks

You need a balance between working and relaxing. You should take planned breaks while working. They shouldn’t be too long and you need to be strict to yourself when the time is up and you need to go back to work. I personally think the Pomodoro method is the best think you can do in pretty much every work environment. I also suggest the app “Forest” if you procrastinate a lot with social media.

Make what you do a daily habit

There are things that you do daily and you should make them a habit too. The most frequent things should be done in an order that you can do while sleeping after a few weeks of doing it. This will make you more effective and leaves more time to work on the bigger projects and tasks that aren’t a daily thing. For me it’s a habit to work on videos and blog posts daily. For you it might be responding to some regular emails and updating your boss on the current project.

Notice when you are close to a burnout

Sometimes you don’t have motivation because you worked too much. That means that you should slow down and have a break. I actually wrote a whole blog post on how to overcome burnout phases. You should really look into it if you worked a lot in the last weeks and start being more and more unmotivated. Health is more important than work and if you don’t think that way you really should seek help, because that’s not a healthy mindset.

If you need a little help with getting your life back together and creating systems that make you stress less, you should check out my new workbook. It’s all about getting back on track and staying there. It’s goes through clearing your mind, setting goals properly and implementing systems that keep you sane. Check it out and get it HERE.

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How to motivate yourself

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