How to motivate yourself to work out

July 17, 2021Rabea

Let me talk to you about how to motivate yourself to work out, but let me start out by saying something. Perfect doesn‘t exist, neither for a body nor for a habit of working out. Get that idea out of your head. Great, now that I said that we can start getting into my tiny but impactful tips on how to motivate yourself to work out more.

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Have the right motivators

I think this is where a lot goes wrong for many. Many want to work out to “look pretty/prettier” and that is not a good way of looking at it. You already are pretty, if you let yourself be brought down by the body image society pushes on you I suggest you look out for a good workbook or workshop online that will help you work on some inner beliefs connected to this. You should be working out to be healthy, that includes not measuring your success with a scale. Health is about how you feel, how you see yourself in the mirror (unless you have body dysmorphia) and if you lose weight because a doctor told you then also what your doctor measures about your journey (like body fat percentage and circumference measurements).

Find an accountability system that works

This is so vital and it can take a hot minute until you figure out what kind of accountability works for you. You probably already learned that working out can’t be made dependent on motivation but on discipline. You can set yourself alarms or use an app for working out. Others work better with an actual person as an accountability partner (you can find those well in places like facebook fitness groups. Or you could simply ask a friend to workout with you on set days. Paying for classes might also be a good way to do this. You could also try small punishments for not working out. BUT this should NOT be connected to your body or reduce your positivity. A good example is putting money into a piggy bank everytime you didn’t work out.

Reduce the friction

The path of least resistance is especially vital for working out and getting healthier. Put out your workout clothes the night before you work out, workout first thing in the morning if you are a master procrastinator, and reduce any other excuse for not working out. This goes hand in hand with the tip above of working out with others or simply having a person hold you accountable. As little friction as possible, adding a little pressure from outside and you have a good foundation for discipline-building.

Create friction with procrastination

While you want to reduce friction with the actual working out, you should increase friction with anything that keeps you from working out. If you work out at a set time of the day and week, you should especially use apps to block yourself from social media for example. In case you clean to procrastinate, do it the night before. If you read to procrastinate then give someone else in the household the books until you worked out. The harder distraction looks, the easier simply working out becomes.

I hope these tips helped a little bit. Of course you should first and foremost find a sport that is fun for you. That can be dancing, jogging, yoga, or basketball. Building these little systems and creating a workout flow can take a couple weeks to a couple months, but once you’re in it you’ll be glad you started.

Those were all my tips on how to motivate yourself to work out more. In case you need a little bit of help with resting well after working out or in general just more ways you can be nice to your body: I can only recommend my self care freebies to you that you can access by signing up below. You could also check out my self care eBook that gets you a full overview of what you can do for your Mind, Body & Soul (a free chapter of it is in my freebie library).

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How to motivate yourself to work out

How to motivate yourself to work out by Rabea

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