10 reasons to be positive

September 22, 2018Rabea

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Positivity is something we can always use nowadays. Optimism and kindness is the best way to approach people and problems. That’s why I wanted to show you 10 reasons to be positive in today’s post.

Making others happy will make you happy

This is the most obvious one but making others happy and seeing that something small you did really made their day will make you happy too. I made a whole blog post about how you can make others happy. Make someone smile everyday, make that a goal and it will change your life.

You attract more positive people into your life

You attract people that are just like you into your life. If you were very negative until now a big part of your social life will probably be filled with people that are mad at little things or gossip. This connects perfectly to the first point. If you make people happy they are more likely to give that back to you or someone else that deserves it.

You notice more little things that are positive

The more gratefulness you have in your soul the more you will notice how grateful you can be for the little things that happen to you. Or even just the fact you have running water or wifi. We take thing for granted a lot and this positive mindset will bring you mind back to being thankful for the privileges you have.

You are more motivated

If you are in a bad mood you are more prone to procrastinate and that totally makes sense, right? When you are a positive person you still procrastinate but not nearly as much since you have a different thought pattern around it. “If I do this now I can to all the relaxing stuff after it without worrying.” is my ultimate thought. Even while writing this.

You attract things and situations into your life that are positive

This pretty much the same as with the attraction of people into your life. But since you set your mind on positive growth you tend to subconsciously work towards good goals and situations. And of course you have a higher chance of receiving things from people you treated right.

You learn more out of situations

When we fail we tend to have an unhealthy amount of self hate and doubt. With a positive mindset you tend to ask yourself what you can learn from this or what you can do better in the future. A great ways to not ruin your day and take a life lesson with you.

You have a lot more patience

Not a ton but you have a decent amount of patience when you are in an overall better mood. I still get annoyed by waiting pretty fast but other people find such a positive and calm space in their head that they don´t mind waiting for things.

You are more eager to learn

Happiness and excitement are closely related. With a positive mindset you want to learn more. This endless amount of motivation to grow and be a better person will make you learn a lot of things you wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

You interact more with people you love

We tend to ignore the people that love us the most. With a happier mindset we tend to think about the happiness of others more and automatically spend a bit more time with them and have more compassion even in difficult situations.

Following your passion is easier for you

Happiness is pure energy when it comes to following your passion. You need a lot of energy to get better at something or reach a goal but happiness is supplying the energy needed for that. But always watch your inner balance, I don’t want you to burn out from it.

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10 reasons to be positive

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