Why Tailwind is the ultimate tool for new bloggers

March 2, 2019Rabea
Why Tailwind is the ultimate tool for new bloggers main th

As a new blogger you probably ask yourself how a lot of bloggers started getting traffic, regular readers and customers. The answer for a lot of them is probably Pinterest. But you don’t need to be on Pinterest for an hour every day to keep up with them. You can simply automate it with Tailwind and here is why Tailwind is the ultimate tool for new bloggers:

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How it affected my Pinterest & my blog

Tailwind helped my blog traffic to stay stable after another service shut down and now it helps me exponentially grow my blog traffic and Pinterest engagement. My Pinterest reach before was 20k and now it always stays between 150k and 250k. I have an exponential growth in repins and followers every week (it shows you all these statistics) and therefore exponentially more clicks onto my blog post.

Free Trial

The good thing about this tool is that you can try it for free for a while before you decide on using it. There isn’t a time limit to the free trial but a Pin limit. That means you can try out all the functions at great lengths to see if it will work for you. It can be a bit overwhelming to use it in the beginning but I learned all of it without stress thanks to the non-existent time window. Click HERE to sign up and start your free trial.

Fairly cheap

The tool is fairly cheap for the effects in can have on your business. You can either pay $15 monthly or around $110 dollar yearly which makes it more affordable overall and the yearly option gives you unlimited pins. This is the first very big investment I ever made into my blog outside of the necessary things like hosting and domain. And I can tell you it was worth it 100%.

Easy to understand

I still constantly learn something new about the platform but everything you need to skyrocket your blog traffic is very easy to understand. There are little tours of every page and sometimes the pages even have little videos to explain to you how everything works. You won’t feel lost for very long after signing up. Just follow the little Guides.
There also is a blog they have that is full of tips for Pinterest and overall Social Media Marketing. So if you need to learn more about marketing yourself look at their blog

All the tools

There are a few very helpful tools like I just mentioned. First of all the scheduling tool of course. You can schedule anything to pin to the board you want. This schedule can be filled easier with Smartloops which help you pin your own content on a regular basis without you having to do the work every month. And there are Tribes that help you curate pins that are on topic for your account. You can also put your own pins into Tribes and get repins and grow your reach. This is a great way to jumpstart your blog traffic but please take your time to create good Pin templates that people want to repin, otherwise this great program can only help you so much to get traffic.

Sounds interesting, right? If you want to try it out for free click HERE.

If you want to support my blog I would love it if you would sign up to the free trial through my affiliate link. This will NOT change anything about the price but helps me a lot with running this blog.

If you want you can also check out my freebies for starting your blog in my freebie library.

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Why Tailwind is the ultimate tool for new bloggers

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