What I love about winter

December 9, 2017Rabea

What I love about Winter

It is winter time and a lot of people only see that bad side of it. Well, I love this time of the year and in this post, I will tell you what I love about winter. There needs to be more positivity around this season, even with the winter depression I have, I can still appreciate it.


going through winter nature

I love it to walk through nature in every season, but in winter it´s pure magic. Even without snow I just love to take pictures outside. The feeling of always having my hands in my pockets after I hold the camera or my phone for too long is oddly satisfying. And frozen flowers? They look so magnificent and I make tons of pictures of them. Since I live in Germany I can totally recommend going to regions with a lot of hills and trees. It just frees your soul and is 10/10 Instagram worthy.

eating warm food

Coming home & eating a warm meal is the best feeling of the day if we are all honest. I think winter is the best time to eat anything that has noodles in it, but I´m obsessed with noodle recipes all year around so take that advice with a grain of salt. I also suggest eating more soups in the wintertime since it’s literally the savory version of hot chocolate and there are so many options. Some people might prefer waffles if they are really into sweet food (I feel you!) or pancakes. Oh my god pancakes are coming straight from heaven around the Christmas time.

moisturizing my skin

My skin needs a lot more care in the winter, but I love it to take care of myself as you might know. My skincare routine is so important and I make myself a lot more masks in winter. Hand Lotion & chapstick also need to be in my bag whenever I leave the house. I tend to pamper my body more in the winter with all kinds of lotions and scrubs. Speaking of scrubs: The Lush lip scrub in Bubblegum is around me 24/7 in winter and I use it for years now. You buy it once and have it forever…at least when your friends don´t steal it from you.

going to bed after a cold day outside

Cold days are exhausting & going to bed in the evenings is such a relaxing feeling. Just being under a ton of blankets and having your thousand pillows around you feels so cozy after being outside for a long time. Who needs a partner when you have an abnormal amount of blankets and pillows around you keeping you warm, right? I always have candles and fairy lights in my bedroom around Christmas and I love doing my self-care routines with this soothing lighting.

evenings full of creating art

Personally, I get very creative in winter. I draw, I write, I take pictures. I love the feeling of being inspired and motivated. It´s all very therapeutic for me and gives me a ton of energy. Winter is the time for big personal art projects with new mediums and new ideas. My next project is a big canvas with a galaxy on it. What I love about winter too is being inside. It´s a thing a lot of people hate in winter, but my introverted site appreciates it so much for the time that I can be creative and learn new things.

This is what I love about winter!

What do you love about winter? Write me a comment.


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