10 self-care activities to do in winter

December 16, 2017Rabea

self-care activities to do in winter

I know a lot of you have seasonal depression and find it hard to practice self-care. You just don´t know what to do sometimes and some of the self-care activites just get very repetitive. So here is a short list of my 10 favorite self-care activities to do in winter.


making tea

Is there anything better than watching the snow outside of your window with a warm cup of tea in your hands? I love everything that´s fruity, especially orange based teas taste like winter in my opinion. I never tried milk in tea, is it good? I am not really a fan of coffee since it is such a bad idea when you have an anxiety disorder. What‘s your favorite non-coffee drink in the winter?

watching a show with a lot of blankets

I´m obsessed with blankets and would love to walk around in them all day every day. Making myself cozy while watching series of my childhood or a documentary about space is still the best case scenario. My favorite shows at the moment are Victorious, iCarly & literally everything alien related.

playing in the snow

We all need to let our inner child out from time to time and I love walking through untouched snow or making little messages in it. There is something about touching snow that‘s just very satisfying, especially the sound of pushing it together into a little ball. And my inner millennial just loves the white box effect of the snow for selfies.

draw a lot

When you are locked inside, do creative stuff! I love doing watercolor pieces and digital art, but acrylic paintings are definitely a good day project. I have a big board on Pinterest that’s full of ideas for drawing and painting. Most of the time I do flower drawings or little Chibis. Youtube art tutorials are also a really cool thing to try and learn new things.

listening to calming music all day long

Our thoughts get chaotic in the winter time and we all should chill out to music a little bit more. I suggest the “Deep Focus” Playlist on Spotify. I always listen to this playlist when I need to concentrate on a task and don’t wanna be distracted. I also have a playlist for my anxiety that’s full of calming songs. This is definitely in my Top 3 favorite self-care activities to do in winter.

taking long baths

We all have a random bath bomb or bath salt laying around somewhere. Use it up and take an evening just for yourself. You can also do bath bombs yourself with one of the thousands of tutorials online. Since I donˋt have a bathtub I can‘t really make them, but if you make some feel free to send me pictures of it because bath bombs always look so cool in my opinion.

moisturize your skin

Especially in winter, you should watch your skin, so don’t skip your skincare routine and always use hand lotion! Once a week in winter I do a full skincare program with a face mask, creams, toner & tea tree oil. If you have sensitive skin I suggest Lush & The Body Shop skin products since they are really gentle and do their job really good.

writing letters to friends

Be a little old school & make others happy with sending them a letter. I made this a little habit to send all my friends letters at least twice a year. I just give them little life updates and write them what my thoughts are at that moment and sometimes I put a little gift in the envelope too. Try it out, they will be so happy.

read lots of books

Be cozy & explore other worlds. I make myself book lists all the time and winter is definitely the best time to read them all. I personally love self-help books and get really inspired by them to do new things or think differently. But if you like fantasy you could also dive into another world while the real world is grey outside.

bake cookies

We never have time for baking, except in winter. Stay at home with your friends and search for a great cookie recipe online and make it together. May I suggest to back some chocolate chip cookies? I love them and I think everyone that doesn‘t is a bit wired. They are literally a gift from heaven.

These were my favorite self-care activites to do in winter.

What are your top 3 self-care activites to do in winter? Write me a comment!


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