Gift Guide for self care lovers

December 2, 2017Rabea


You know someone that is totally into self care or should do more of it but you don’t know what to gift them? Well, here is the guide for you.

Bath Bombs

Especially in winter we all love to lay in the bathtub and be warm & bath bombs make that a lot more funny. Lush has the best ones but you can totally do them yourself. It just takes a search online and a short trip to the drugstore.

Canvas & Acrylic Paint

Being creative is always a good self care activity & the supplies are not that expensive if you look in the right places. Especially on Amazon you can find tons of different acrylic paints and brushes.

Diffuser & essential oils

Essential oils are calming or motivating & if the person you want to gift it to doesn´t have a diffuser you should buy that too. It´s just changes a lot about the enviroment you are in when you have a diffuser.

Weights or a Yogamat

Working out is so important for everyone & if someone wants to be more healthy you should totally buy them something to exercise with. I can also really recommend a Blackroll for the people with back problems.

self help & self care books

If you have no idea what to gift someone, because you don´t know them for that long: Buy them a self help book. Or even better a self care book. Mine is coming out soon.

Do you have any gift ideas? Write them down below!


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