What I learned in over 6 years of blogging

July 14, 2018Rabea

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I´m 19 and blog for 6 years now…with this title you probably thought I was twenty-something, right? I blogged as a hobby in the beginning, but let´s get into this a bit deeper in a few seconds. Here is what I learned in over 6 years of blogging.


I started blogging on blogger.com when I was 13. Yes, you read right: THIRTEEN! Of course back then I did it as a hobby and most of my blog posts didn’t even have pictures or any subheadings. Looking back at this (now) deactivated blog is very awkward but goes to show how much I already loved writing back then. I wrote that blog pretty frequently, but just didn’t know a lot about blogging…but I somehow managed to learn a bit of coding. I had a little break of blogging after 2 years of doing that, restarted with a completely new blog with a less awkward name and looking back on that one is actually not completely bad…it’s just very teenager-ish. At that time I learned a little bit more about blogging, but I had completely different problems and learning about blogging was kinda a second thought, but my photography already go better at that point…

That second blogger.com blog started to go silent while I went through a hard time in my life and in early 2017 I wanted to invest into a real blog. I read tons of information about it and had the money for hosting this blog. So I started it with a lot more knowledge, but it also went silent for a few months, then I picked it up again and it went silent a second time between January and March of 2018. And then I FINALLY set myself the goal to make money with this, to make this my business and work hard on it. I read tons of articles about marketing, watched tons of webinars and brainstormed thousands of ideas to be at the point where I am now. I learned a lot and a few of the things I learned need to be told…

This is my blog from around 2016 😀

You won’t do everything right

I think we all want to do things the right way from the start, but I can tell you now, after three blogs, that you are going to make a lot of dumb things and you will look back at your first posts and you will think they are the worst. Your skills are growing daily in this blogosphere and even I still open new blog posts and learn something completely new. I just learned about some big affiliate pages this year and I am using affiliate links on my youtube channel for ages and thought I knew a lot already. You will never do everything right and that is fairly easy to accept because there is always a next blog post and the edit button.

Done is better than perfect

Perfectionism is toxic, especially if you want to work in media. You think everything around you is perfect, but if someone reads the post you published without really liking it 100% is actually not noticing the things you hate about it. You will learn quick that done is better than perfect when it comes to posts. As long as you have a decent amount of words, a pin to it and you SEO is checked there is not a lot to worry about. You can always optimize it later.

Stay up to date

This is probably the most annoying part if you blog for years. Sometimes whole trends change in just a few months and you need to convert your existing content to a new thing. For example: Pinterest wasn’t always here. The people that blog longer than Pinterest exists needed to make Pins for all the posts that they wanted to promote on there. Think about how much work that could be for someone publishing twice per week. Always be prepared, back up things and have an eye on new social medias, programs and tech.

Invest your money into tools if you can

If you learn one thing from entrepreneurs online it´s “INVEST BACK”. As soon as you have money you should invest back into something that will bring you even further. In the beginning it might be something like BoardBooster to get more traffic from Pinterest and later it might be a tool that makes the sales of digital products easier. Always invest back into your business. Even if it’s just an eighth of your money that you put back in: I HELPS! If you want some guidance on what you should invest in you can check out my “Blogging Tool Kit” on my website in the top menu.

Connect to other bloggers

This might be the hardest part cause you always just see the same big bloggers for the most part, but try to find good beginner bloggers or bloggers in the “middle” that are a bit easier to reach. Comment on their posts, link back to them, share their new post on your social media and write them a DM if you want to say something nice to them. If you stay on track with being active on their sites you might make a friend and we all know how good it is to have someone that understands struggles that other people around you just don´t.

Did this make you interested in starting a blog? There is a lot to be learned and since I have 6 years of learning already behind me I made a little course that teaches you all the important things you need to know when you start blogging. My course “How to start a successful blog” is filled with videos that give you valuable information and the course is constantly growing and gets new videos and freebies. Sounds great? Check it out here:

Do you want to read more things I learned in 6 years of blogging? I made a FREE ebook with more talking points and it is available for every person that joins my newsletter squad. You get access to a full library of free printables, ebooks and Checklists. Sign up here to get access to tons of freebies:

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What I learned in over 6 years of blogging

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