My Top 5 tips for meditation beginners

July 11, 2018Rabea

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Beginning with meditation can be awkward and you might want to give up in the beginning, but you shouldn’t. Here are my top 5 tips for meditation beginners to not give up.

Begin with guided meditations

This is the game changer. I tried meditating with meditation apps in the beginning and it got boring pretty fast. In the beginning you don’t see a lot of positive outcomes from meditation, but finishing a guided meditation makes you feel more accomplished. There are tons of apps and videos online that give you guided meditations in every possible direction and topic. Headspace is the best one in my opinion.

Research the different types of meditation

There isn’t just one type of meditation. Research the topic a bit and you will find tons of different ways to meditate that you can try if the standard meditation doesn’t really work for you. There even is a type of meditation where you dance. I never tried that one, but it sounds really interesting, right? Make meditation more interesting for yourself and it gets easier.

Start with shorter sessions

A lot of people want to start with 20-30 minutes of meditation instantly and that is pretty hard for most beginners. Start with 5-10 minutes and then add minutes with time. Concentrating on your breathing is not as easy as it sounds like and making that for 30 minutes right in the beginning might even drive you a bit crazy. But if you want to go all in you can still do it. I personally started with 7 minutes and try to do 15 now.

Make it a habit

Meditation doesn’t do whole lot for you if you only do it twice a month. Make it a habit to see all the positive side effects that reduce your stress levels. You don’t need to do it every day but a few times a week is perfect in the beginning. I still struggle to do it regularly but giving yourself a few minutes before going to bed are good enough to get a bit of calmness after a stressful day.

There is no wrong way to meditate

There isn’t a wrong way to meditate EVER. Unless you really f*ck up your breathing, but I hope you know how to breathe slowly. You might get a lot of thoughts while meditating and getting distracted by them is totally normal. As long as you accept these thoughts and then go back to concentrating on your breathing you do nothing wrong with meditating. It would be hard to do something wrong that´s that simple.

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My top 5 tips for meditation beginners

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