How you can stop the perfectionist mindset

July 18, 2018Rabea

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Perfectionism is a great thing until it starts holding you back. I personally had a perfectionist mindset for a long time and was able to train myself to ignore it and that’s why I wanted to share with you how you can stop the perfectionist mindset.

Pinpoint your perfectionistic thoughts

Most people only have perfectionistic mindset in certain areas for their life (honestly…if you want everything to be perfect always you should get checked for OCD, this would need a bit of professional help). I personally had this mindset when it came to creating things like drawings and videos. As soon as you pinpointed the thoughts you should analyze why you think them about exactly that and where they´re coming from. Sometimes they are just connected to a thought process that is very delusional. A lot of people think they won´t be accepted if it’s not perfect and other might measure their worth with how good they do something. Find it out and see what you need to work on.

Rebuild the thought to be more relaxed

Now that we know what your thought pattern is we can start rebuilding it. Write down a opposite thought to your perfectionistic one that makes you feel more relaxed and positive. For some people it’s a simple “I don’t give a damn from now on” and for others it might be a bit more personal. You will know best which kind of positive self talk helps you with your problems. The goal is to say this to yourself every time a perfectionistic thought crosses your mind. With time this will form a new thought pattern you automatically think. I always say to myself “Done is better than perfect” when I get too into it.

Confront your perfectionism

And of course you can also confront your perfectionism. Mess up things on purpose (of course only when it’s not important for your work or others) and confront your thoughts with it. Another way to confront your perfectionism is to go with the “Just do it” method. Just do this thing and don´t think to much or Just leave the thing you made like it is even if you have the urge to change it around. All of these tips and methods will take a while to really help but they work for most people after a while.

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How you can stop the perfectionist mindset

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