Want to start a blog? Start here.

August 22, 2018Rabea

Want to start a blog? Start here. main thumbnail

You want to start a blog and you don’t know where to start? I will give you my favorite resources in this post. So if you want to start a blog, start here:

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If you want to start a professional blog on a platform like WordPress you need to have a hosting service that your blog is running on. I personally use Bluehost and love it. I know that hundreds of bloggers use this service and I understand why. It’s very affordable for beginners and includes the most important little things like your security and SSL-Certificates. I personally use the cheapest option and paid for 3 years. If you wanna test out blogging you can obviously also just pay for a year.



If you already learned a bit about marketing you will know that branding is super important and having your own style is super important. This doesn’t need to be expensive to achieve. I personally use a lot of Graphics and little things that I find on Creative Market. You can even find designs for your blog there. I made a whole blog post about my favorite blog designs for beginners and it includes 4 designs from Creative Market.



A lot of people want a professional blog to make money with it and there are tons of ways to do it. Affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, selling digital products & so much more. If you want to learn all the ways you can monetize and optimize your blog you should check out my e-course all about starting a successful blog. I will add more lessons in written and filmed form to it with time so grab it now to get freebies for months to come. If you want to learn more about the tools you need to start a blog and my tips I recommend you THIS blog post I wrote about all the little things I use.



Of course this post only scratched the surface and I already made a blog post going in depth with the tools, but if you want advice from somebody that is blogging as a hobby and now professionally I suggest you to download the blogging advice mini ebook in my freebie library. You can access it if you are part of my newsletter squad and I am already working on more freebies regarding the topic of blogging. Be a part of the newsletter squad here:


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Want to start a blog? Start here.

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