Top 5 tools for self-care you should invest in

August 18, 2018Rabea

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Self-care doesn´t need to be expensive at all. I know it can be hard to see others use super expensive products or put tons of money in their weekly self care day but you only need the essentials. That’s why I want to show you the top 5 tools for self care you should invest in.

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Good skin care

And what I mean by good skin care doesn´t need to be a super expensive high end brand of skin care. I personally love very natural skin care products that´s sold by The Body Shop or Lush. You can even just make your own skin care products. As long as your skin care routine works for your skin it’s good skin care. I personally love everything that has tea tree oil in it.



I already wrote about the best books to begin with a while ago in a blog post. Self-help books are really eye opening and you will learn tons of new routines through them. Of course you shouldn’t buy random books. There are tons of them that have a good reputation like “Getting Things Done” or “Miracle Morning”. I try to read at least 6 self-help books per year and it always teaches me something new. My all time favorite book is “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck” by Mark Manson.


Fitness gear

Having fitness gear fitting to the workouts you like the most is always convenient and in my case it makes me workout a bit more frequently. I personally invested in a yoga mat and adjustable dumbbells. Maybe you should invest in resistance bands, barbells or ankle weights. There are so many tools that make home workouts a bit more interesting. If you don’t really know where to start you can also invest in a fitness program that teaches you the basic.


A good mattress

Sleep is the most important thing in our lives and tons of people sleep on the wrong mattress with the wrong pillows. Mattresses can be super expensive but I found an online shop that sells them for a decent price in my opinion. That shop is called nectar mattresses and sells mattresses for all different bed sizes and also has super comfortable pillows and blankets that are perfect for people with allergies. Check them out if you want to invest into new bedware soon.


Quality headphones

Music, workouts, meditation, white noise or even just protection. Good headphones are super important for self care and relaxation. I personally would recommend wireless in-ear headphones from well known companies or at least on ear headphones that are good at cancelling environment sounds. I tend to invest 20-50$ into in-ear headphones and they last me 2 on average.

These were the top 5 tools for self care you should invest in. The power of simplicity is very prominent in self-care as you can see. I´m working on an ebook all about self-care at the moment. If you want to get notified when it comes out or you simply just want some self-care related printables, checklists and other freebies you can sign up to my newsletter here and get access:

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Top 5 tools for self-care you should invest in

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