The best youtube equipment for beginners

August 29, 2018Rabea

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Since a lot of you know that I make videos on youtube I wanted to give you a little bit more insight on it and how you can start making videos. That’s why I will show you the best youtube equipment for beginners today.

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We live in the 21st century, our phones cameras are freaking good and they are able to film videos that are pretty long. So if you have an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Google Pixel from the last few years you are okay with using the back camera for the beginning. I personally used my old phone for vlogs and while it’s not the quality I want it’s still good enough to be better than 70% of videos online that look like they were filmed on a potato.

Adobe Premiere

Yes, there are free editing options that you can find and that’s why I didn’t want to mention those. There are two holy grails of editing. Final Cut Pro (which is Apple only) and Adobe Premiere which works on pretty much every computer that can handle big files. I edit with it for over a year now and I’m very happy with it. It only crashed 2-3x which is good for a editing software in my opinion. Never forget to put your autosave on a high frequency to find a recent file in case of a crash my friends! One thing I really need to mention is to get a computer that can handle your video files. When I started Youtube I only had a slow laptop and that ruined my editing flow. So the most expensive part of Youtube is buying a good computer if you don’t have one. Generally you only need a new one if you’re camera is higher quality, at least that was the case with me.

Canon eos 750d / Canon eos Rebel T6

If you donΒ΄t wanna film with your phone and want a good camera that won’t make you broke for multiple years I’d recommend the Canon eos 750d. It makes great pictures and has a good filming quality. I have a friend that makes professional photography with it and know a lot of bigger youtubers that still use that camera. I personally use a more expensive one now, but if I would start right now I would definitely buy this one. Don’t forget to buy a tripod for it. Amazonbasics has great ones. If you want a specific look to your videos that you know from a lot of channels I’d suggest the Sigma 30mm 1.4 lense for Canon.


We aren’t all blessed with good lighting all the time and that’s why I also wanted to talk about that part of the filming. I personally would recommend lamps in your room that imitate daylight first, if you wanna upgrade after that you can either buy a cheap softbox set or a very good ringlight (I have both and love both!). It’s not the most important part of filming in the beginning but I wanted to mention it.

This is the best youtube equipment for beginners in my opinion. You can obviously go bigger than that, but if you want the basics you have it all in one place here. Do you want to start a youtube channel and about which topics? Feel free to leave me a comment!
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The best youtube equipment for beginners

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