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June 29, 2019Rabea
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You can’t be a successful woman without having balance in your daily work life. Self-care is as much of a part of being successful as the actual work is. So here are some self care ideas for a girlboss.

Get clear through journaling

I used to procrastinate this a lot throughout the last year and this month I started committing to journaling more again and it make such a big difference in letting out your feelings and your overwhelm. You’ll notice the little things that are off in your life so much easier when you journal and it also helps you to see what your priorities are with upcoming tasks. I almost always have a little paragraph with learnings and tasks at the end of my digital journal entries and it helps me so much and I know it helps tons of other people. If you don’t know where to start you can find some journaling prompts in my freebie library.

Learn something new

Learn something new frequently and commit to it. I currently want to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator and already saved a few videos for it. Maybe you wanna get into a new sport or something scientific. I know it helped me a lot to get into blogging since it combines a lot of little things into one and running a blog is an ever changing things and there is always something new to learn about writing, marketing and creating. If you think starting a blog would be a good idea for you I curated everything you need to know into one course and made it affordable for everyone to be able to learn about it. You can check that out HERE.

Spa day

This is needed once a week if you are as 100% about your to do’s as I am. Taking a bath, putting on a face mask and making my nails (or getting them done) is such a relaxing time and gets your mind off of everything else for a little bit. I’m in love with tea tree oil skin products and my beige nail polish. I’d love to know your go to spa day essentials. Feel free to write me a comment. I’m always looking for recommendations. Once in a while you should also get your hair cut or a professional massage but of course not everyone can always do that. If you can, you should.

Draw & sketch it out of you

If there is something that is always good for your soul no matter how old you are, it’s drawing. Just doodle and sketch things into a notebook once in a while. Letting your mind run loose and just getting into a flow of putting pen to paper can be such a stress reliever. I tend to draw the most when I’m stressed the most. No matter if it is a pencil and a notebook or an iPad with an Apple pen. There is no requirement for creativity. As long as it helps you to focus again.

Read a book

It’s a nice way to change your day up in the morning or evening. Maybe you like being in a completely different fantasy world and get your mind off of everything else. Or maybe you are like me and you’re into personal development and read books about improving life and self-care. I recently launched a self-care book for beginners that goes into detail about all things self-care. It’s called MIND, BODY & SOUL and also is made extra affordable to be accessible for everyone. There are also recipes in there (learning something new^^^) and studies linked in the back.


Of course in a post about self care ideas for a girlboss this shouldn’t be ignored. If you are not already on the meditation train, what are you doing? It doesn’t only have tons of studies backing up its positive effects but it’s also the easiest stress coping mechanism ever. You just sit down and concentrate on your breathing. And when you get distracted by a thought you try to refocus on your breathing. There are tons of good guided meditations online if you need a little bit of help starting out with it. If there is one thing that helps with any kind of stress, it’s meditation.


You probably are sick of hearing it but still aren’t doing it. Working out isn’t only healthy for your physical health and gives your back stability when you’re sitting all day long. It also gives you hormones that make you happier the whole day and also overtime if you do it regularly. It is such an essential part of keeping your mental health intact and if you have a mental illness is such an essential part of recovery for tons of people.

These were my self care ideas for a girlboss. If you need more insight into the topic of self-care you should definitely check out my eBook “Mind, Body & Soul” full of all things self-care. You can get a free chapter and many other self-care freebies in my freebie library that you can access as a newsletter squad member. Join it here:

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self care ideas for a girlboss

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