Is fake it till you make it good advice for new bloggers?

June 22, 2019Rabea
Is fake it till you make it good advice main th

You hear it everywhere but is fake it till you make it good advice for new bloggers?
I personally have mixed opinions about this. There are pro’s and con’s to operating your online platform this way.

How you should go about it

From a selling, marketing, advertising and professionalism standpoint it definitely makes sense to come across more knowledgeable and successful than you are. It attracts more people, makes people trust you easier and people will assume you are good at what you’re doing. Most of the time that can work unless you really put yourself on a pedestal.

We always are our own worst critic. Putting yourself a level or two higher for our online presence will actually meet the way most people in your reallife see your talents anyway which makes people get the right quality when they buy something from you or communicate with you. But if you oversell yourself and underdeliver you just look like a fool. Sell yourself better than you are but only as long as you can still reach that standard if you work hard enough.

The short answer:

The short answer to “Is fake it till you make it good advice?” would be:
If done right this whole “fake it till you make it” really makes sense and can push you to do better.


And then there is the point where you can’t separate your online business from yourself. It simply is such a personal job and you probably do it all by yourself. You want to reach the point that you have “faked” at some point and that point might take a bit longer to achieve that you have planned before.

This can give you a big amount of doubt and really drives your motivation into the floor. Well, unless this kind of thing fuels you to do better and step your game up. Which also needs to be watched with caution since you really don’t wanna burn out from blogging.

It absolutely depends on the kind of person you are and how your mental health responds to things. Faking it can drive you to get better even if it’s at a slower process but it can also be the thing that makes you want to give up faster.

How I use it

I personally think you should apply it to areas where it makes sense and don’t apply it to other parts. I have a whole professionally looking website and all but I actually didn’t really use it in the first year. Just because I absolutely had no clue what I wanted to do on here. As soon as I knew I definitely wrote my blog posts with a mindset of a professional blogger but I also didn’t oversell myself. I am definitely not the best at copywriting, but for selling you sometimes just need to pretend that you are. And learn more about it on the side.

So is fake it till you make it good advice?

It really depends in which moments you use this mindset because it will definitely not work for all parts of it at all times. Imposter syndrome is a big problem. I personally have a bit of self hatred everytime I see where I already could be. That’s not based on me following “fake it till you make it”. For me it comes from just being in my 20s and feeling like time is already going by too fast. For you “fake it till you make it” might be the reason why you start having imposter syndrome.

My advice

I can assure you that no blogger, not even the ones with a team, have it 100% together. You will always find a page or two on a big blog that need to be updated but don’t since priorities are set differently. There will always be typos. Nobody is having a perfect life behind the screen. So while you might fake it till you make it you should definitely also share little glimpses into your downs from time to time. That is what makes all of us human. It also helps your reader to connect to you a bit more.

Fake it till you make it but don’t lose yourself while doing so. Humanity stands way above professionalism. And your mental health and self-care are part of that humanity.

This is my answer if you ask me “Is fake it till you make it good advice?”
Let me know in the comments below what you think about this topic!


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Is fake it till you make it good advice

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