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May 6, 2020Rabea

After everything we‘ve already been through this year you might want to get back into being a little more productive. That‘s why I decided to show you some productive things to do, to get back into the rhythm of things.

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Sort out your digital life

We all are guilty of just downloading stuff online or dumping the contents of our phone backup into one single folder on our computer. Grab yourself a can of coffee or tea and a weekend and go through all those pictures you don‘t need anymore. Also sort out any files you have double, PDFs you will never use and backup the things that are super important. Believe me when I say that digital space being clean and in order really clears your brain fog. Don‘t forget a folder system!

Declutter your home

Always my go-to, when I don‘t know what else to do with myself. We live in a time with a lot of excesses and we should be way more mindful of that. Throw out some stuff you didn‘t use in a year, color-coordinate places in your home and please, for the love of your free time, find a set place for everything you own, so your cleaning time is halved. I can not tell you how much time I‘m saving by knowing where my stuff belongs instead of searching for a new place every time.

Have a self care day

Self care days are needed at least twice a month. I usually put them on free Fridays or Saturdays. Wake up, meditate, journal, read, do a few exercises and make a healthy breakfast. Then shower, do a face mask and give your teeth some extra care, maybe put on some music and paint. You could also clean if that is a self care activity for you like it is for me. Go for a walk in nature or call a friend. Just do something good for your soul all day long.

Learn something new

Did you ever want to learn a skill? Maybe you wanna figure out a program or you wanna learn how to use your camera better. Well, learning those things on the side is fairly easy. Put aside a little bit of time every day and spend it learning that new skill. And I really mean it when I say put time aside, because otherwise you will not do it. My next goal is definitely learning Adobe Illustrator way better than I know it. If you are interested in starting a blog to make a side income, you can check out my course on that HERE. I’ll update it soon, so get it while the price is still low.


Anything that makes you roll your eyes a bit when you think about it can be put into one weekend every 3-5 months to get it over with. Make all the appointments you need in an hour set aside for it. Deep Clean 1-2 rooms in your home. Update your CV in case you need it soon, or to save your future-self some time. Organize and check your finances and any other important papers. Update your mobile plan or unsubscribe from services. All those things are constantly in the back of your mind and you need to free that space up a bit. Definitely my least preferred thing on this list of productive things to do, but it has to be done.

Work ahead 

Let me tell you that there is nothing more satisfying that working ahead of your plans and then having free time to either relax or work on a side project. This can be as simple as bringing your inbox as close to zero emails as you can once a week (If you are one of those people with 20k emails on Googlemail you really need a system my friend!). But the real key to working ahead is batch days. Batch all your writing onto one day, all your content creation on another day, all your socializing onto another and all the learning onto yet another day. This obviously works better when you are working from home, but it can be done with things like cleaning for everyone. Definitely try out batching similar tasks into one day.

Be creative 

Creating is always wonderful. It soothes us, helps heal us and is distraction from daily life. It doesn‘t matter if what you create is perfect. Doing it is better than doing it perfectly every time. Maybe get paper and watercolors out and paint a little bit. Maybe plan ahead what you want to post on Instagram. You could also make cool profile pictures and headers for your social media accounts. Or you could write a friend a very cute letter. There are tons of ways to just create and it is considered productive in my eyes. Taking care of your own balance is always productive. Anyone trying to tell you self care is not a productive things to do for yourself is simply wrong.

Make your social media more positive 

This is such an important things to do for the long term. Sorting through your social media is essential. Mute stories and accounts you don‘t want to see. I know I‘m super uninterested in some Instagram Stories and some people I only follow out of friendliness, so I don‘t need to see all their posts. Block accounts that you come across that repeatedly give you a bad vibe or are toxic in any way. Start searching for and following accounts promoting good vibes and realness (ex: Talking about feelings in captions or showing body positivity). I follow a lot of accounts with positive reminders and people promote self care.

These were some productive things to do. If you need more ways to be productive I have 100 ways to be productive for you…in a free mini-eBook in my freebie library. I sorted all the 100 ways to be productive into categories so you can choose better. Get that freebie here:

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Productive things to do

Productive things to do by Rabea

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