How to turn a bad day around

October 28, 2017Rabea

We all have bad days, but it´s up to us if we let ourselves suffer all day long or try to turn the day around. In this post I share some tips on how I turn my mood around.



Write all your bad thoughts down & be as honest as you can. After that you should try to find a few positive things. Write about what you are thankful for. Even if it’s just your blanket or your favorite tea. Empty your brain and fill it with a bit of positivity.


change your clothes

Dress up how you would if you had a business meeting or how you would when you go out with friends for brunch. This changes how you feel in your body. Make it presentable, but comfortable.


Write a to do list

That’s my answer to everything. I know. But make a short list with the 3-5 things you want to cross from your list that day. Prioritize them with numbers & set the goal to do at least 2-3 of the tasks. This gives you a focus on what you need to do to feel accomplished.


Make a little exercise

Push yourself to do at least 20 Squats or 15 Crunches. This will help your brain to produce hormones that lighten up your mood. And you will slowly get in the flow to do things. It´s all about the first little step.


Work it away

Sounds hard I know. But it´s a bit like working out where you can also work your anger away. I just try to start with a easy step from my to do list and after I finished that my day begins to get better. Sometimes you need to push yourself in the right direction. It’s hard, but it’s doable & right.

How do you turn a bad day around?
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