How to stay creative

November 11, 2017Rabea


Do something creative everyday

It´s easy to say but hard to do, but try to do something creative everyday. Drawing everyday, dancing everyday, writing everyday or take pictures everyday. Making creativity a habit will make it easier for you to get ideas & motivation.

Get inspired by other art forms

If you write, look into photography. If you draw, look into writing. And so on and so forth. Other forms of art can give you very big impulses for whole series of the art pieces you make. Never forget to acknowledge other art forms. There is not only one on this planet.

Listen to the stories of others

Go on Instagram, Facebook or on blogs & read about the life of others. You will get random ideas here and there from little sentences in those stories. I also watch a lot of travel youtubers to see the vibe of other countries.

Just start & the motivation will grow back

The most important thing in life is to start. If you don’t start you can´t grow. So don´t think too much about doing & just do it instead. Even if it’s just a little doodle, a minimalistic picture or a sentence.

How do you stay creative?
Share your tips in the comments below.

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