The secret of practicing self care in 10mins a day

September 23, 2017Rabea


A lot of us have stressful lifes, but we all know that we need to practice self care. Here are my tips to practicing self care in 10mins a day


Make 10mins time in your day

Wake up earlier or give yourself some minutes before you go to bed. You need to prioritize yourself enough to make the time for self care. If you don´t have this time for yourself you do something wrong in your life.



Your first 5mins should be Meditation. It helps you let go of all the stress you have. Using Affirmations while meditating is also a really good self care practice. Meditating everyday will decrease your stress level in general, makes you happier & helps you breath the right way.



Visualize your day for a minute. What do you need to do today? What could make your day better? What is your treat at the end of the day? What are the top priorities? Imagine how your perfect day would look like.



Nothing long. Just something that motivates you. This could be a good quote, 1-5 pages from a self help book or a lovely message. Most of the times this helps you to have a positive mindset for the day & calms you down. If it´s a quote it often is in the back of your mind over the day & helps you if you are getting unmotivated.



Write down what’s in your mind. This is a thing that’s easier in the evenings. Write all the stress away. All the bad things that happened, everything that makes you worried & finish it with the positive things. What are you thankful for today? What can you do better the next time?



If you have the time in your day, consider doing some exercises. It helps you with stress & makes you happier. But even 20 Squats while you are using the bathroom is doable. Exercise is healthy for your body & your mental health.


I hope I could help. If you wanna know more about these things you should read the book “Miracle Morning”*.

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