How to prevent burnout – self employed edition

July 13, 2019Rabea

As a self employed person the chance of burning out is so much higher. You work on things you love, most of the time from home and you technically don’t have set work hours. There are a ton of things you can do to prevent burnout. So I made a How to prevent burnout – self employed edition.

How to prevent burnout - self employed edition

Work in blocks

This is a life saver for me. I work in 30-90 minute blocks that I block of with apps like Forest. You could also use the Pomodoro method and the apps for that. Working in blocks and having clear breaks in between definitely helps a lot of people with concentrating on their task and being in a flow with it. Even if you don’t time it you can just use an app like Google Calendar and block off your days for different tasks and have it as an orientation.

Have 1 or 2 off days every week

The ultimate essential. You might want to work every hour of the week because what you do excites you and you’re having a creative phase but you really need to have at least one day per week where you keep yourself from working. For me it is Sunday and most of them time also Saturdays. Of course I write down things into my notes if I have a gigantic idea but other than that it is definitely an essential for staying in balance.

For every work task a self-care task for balance

I recently re-learned this. You probably know the idea of only having 3 main tasks a day and the rest is just extra work that’s nice to be done with. What you should do is to have at least 3 activities throughout the day that are good for you. A workout, a very healthy meal, meditating for 10 minutes, drawing for 30 minutes, reading a chapter of your current book, writing into a journal. 3 things that improve your life and decrease the stress you have.

Have a morning routine

A lot of people, me included, struggle to have a morning routine but working on it is just as good. I personally at least push myself to meditate after waking up, so I can start into the day a little bit calmer. I’m aspiring to have the “Miracle Morning” routine as my everyday routine. It’s 30-60 minutes including meditation, affirmations, visualization, working out a bit, reading & journaling. The ultimate self-care bomb to start your day with.

Weekly Reviews & Braindumps

This keeps me focused and sane at the end of the week. Every sunday or monday you should sit down and reflect on the last week, get all the new tasks floating through your brain onto paper and review your goals. This helps me immensely with seeing what I can improve on and what I should prioritize in the coming week. For the longest time I thought it wasn’t making a difference if I would do this every week but it DOES make a huge difference.
I might be making a whole blog post about weekly reviews. Let me know in the comments of this post if you would like that.

If you need more insight into the topic of how to prevent burnout and of self-care you should definitely check out my eBook “Mind, Body & Soul” full of all things self-care. You can get a free chapter and many other self-care freebies in my freebie library that you can access as a newsletter squad member. Join it here:

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How to prevent burnout - self employed edition

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