How to practice self love with depression

August 14, 2021Rabea

Doing anything with depression can be incredibly hard, but you probably know that self-esteem has a tie to how bad depression gets in many of us. Therefore it is even more important to practice self love during the hardest of times. So here is a guide on how to practice self love with depression.

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Go for regular walks

Let’s get the hardest thing out of the way first on this list. Nature, walking and mindfulness are all good for our mental health, but they are also an act of self love. Nature is where we come from, so reconnecting with it when you feel far removed from yourself can be so essential to your self love. Nature accepts you as you are (unless it’s a mosquito wanting your blood). The Vitamin D you get when you’re outside is also a plus.

Self Love Meditation

For this one you don’t even have to leave your bed. Pop in some headphones, find a self love meditation on Youtube and let yourself be guided through it. From my own experience I can say that you’re likely going to cry doing it, because these meditations let you connect back to your feelings and help you with letting yourself simply feel them. They are a vent to regulate your emotions and fulfill your need for validation. If you wanna learn more about the studied benefits of meditation just read THIS post I wrote a while ago.

Skin Care

A wash cloth dragged over your face and a bit of moisturizer is better than nothing and it is a way to show yourself that you care for yourself. On days with more energy you can try doing a face mask too. After you’re done I want you to be fully aware of what you have just accomplished and that you did it for nobody but yourself. In the beginning this might feel hard and forceful, but with time it will get easier. Consistency is key with self love activities, sometimes the consistency will break off and that is normal and okay too, just slowly get back on it.

Self Love Journaling

Another thing you don’t have to leave the bed for. You can simply find journaling prompts and journal about them in your notes app or in a notebook you might have on your bedside table. If you need prompts to pick from I have a free download with 90 journaling prompts when you scroll down a little. That will also help you get more clarity when your brain is all foggy.

Be creative

When we are creative without trying to create something perfect we can enter something called the flow state. It is the perfect state between boredom and overwhelm. You are so focused on what you do that you forget about your current emotions. Some people also get this when they work out or learn something new, but creativity is probably the easiest thing to access in your mind when energy is low.

These are my tips on how to practice self love with depression. You won’t do all of these daily and that is okay. One important thing on the way to self love is self compassion. Treat yourself like you would treat a good friend and try not to talk down on yourself for not doing something for yourself on this list. There will always be another day. 

Get access to 90 journaling prompts and many other free downloads by becoming a member of the Rayosquad. I’m all about self care, personal growth and creativity in this space. You don’t wanna miss out:

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How to practice self love with depression

How to practice self love with depression by Rabea

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