How to lose weight in a healthy way

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A lot of people have an unhealthy way of looking at losing weight and learned the completely wrong ways to do it from magazines and other media. The only thing you need at the end of the day to lose weight is a calorie deficit. Eating less calories than you burn helps burn fat. Sadly a lot of people try to make this more complicated but here are some ways you can lose weight and burn more calories. How to lose weight in a healthy way incoming:

Check if you need to lose weight

The last thing you want is to hurt your body or mindset about yourself. Check in multiple ways if you have a normal weight for your height and maybe even let a professional measure your body fat percentage. I personally am on the higher end of average and that’s because I have a little bit more body fat than I should have and that’s what I personally work on. You might have some very good numbers and should maybe work on building muscle instead.

Incorporate more steps into your daily life

You probably know that you should walk 8-10k steps per day and most people don’t reach that goal. That means you should go for walks, take the stairs and maybe stand up and walk more in between tasks at work or at home. There are a ton of ways to incorporate more steps into your daily routine. This will already help burn more calories. That’s why we probably all looked a little bit better in school since we walked so much every day. If you are already in an average weight area this will probably already help balance yourself out unless you eat really unhealthy stuff.

Give away your candy

Talking about unhealthy stuff. Give your candy away to family and friends! If you can’t see and access candy you tend to crave it less and less. Keeping yourself from buying new candy should also be easy by just eating enough before going to the store. Of course you can have a few sugary things at home to treat yourself but maybe check if there are some things that have less calories and sugar in it and still taste good. You might be surprised how good some breakfast bars are in that department.

Drink enough water

This should be a given but you should always drink 2-3l of water per day. Having a refillable water bottle really helps with that! I always have my water bottle right next to me when I work on my computer and I carry it with me whenever I relocate somewhere else. Set yourself annoying reminders if you need to. Water doesn’t only have an effect on your concentration but also helps you cleanse your body from the inside out and helps you lose water weight.

Track your calories

Download an app to track your calories for 1-2 weeks. I personally use Lifesum. After tracking your food intake for 1-2 weeks you will know how many calories you eat in a day on average. Now research how many calories someone your height and weight should eat. Chances are it’s at least 200-400 calories less. Look at the food you tracked and find out which food you can stop eating, which ones you can make healthier and what you can cut down on. Then try to track yourself for another 1-2 weeks to get into that eating habit. Don’t track for too long since this could promote eating disorders. I always just check in between when I feel like I’m getting off track.
DISCLAIMER: Please don’t even follow this post if you have an eating disorder, a professional knows way more about how to do this properly for someone in your mental state than I do

Meal prep

Preparing your meals a few day in advance can help immensely with not eating too much bs. If you tend to want food quick this is a good route to go. You can find meal prep ideas everywhere online and will know that calories of all of them. A 600 calorie dinner for the next 3 days? Done. Low-Calorie Snacks for the whole week? Done. This can help you especially in the beginning with finding new things to eat. If you have a 9-5 job this is even better since you can take these thing to work with you. Definitely worth a try!

Do cardio

Cardio is obviously connected to getting your heart rate up which is therefore burning more calories. If you wanna lose weight quicker with a good eating habit I would suggest doing good warm-ups and 15-30 minutes of HIIT with a cool down afterwards on 3-4 days of the week. There are tons of free HIIT workouts everywhere online on Youtube and fitness websites. Don’t do cardio more than 4 times per week since that can increase your risk of injury. If you not only want to lose weight but also want to work out for your health and to build muscles I would suggest to go to the gym for 30-60 min 3-5 times per week. A gym membership might help you with staying on track too.
And in my honest opinion: If you only workout to lose weight don’t even bother starting cause that isn’t a great way to make it a habit. Physical & mental health first, weight/appearance second, both can be intertwined of course

These are my tips on how you can lose weight in a healthy way. You won’t need a special kind of diet. Dieting is dumb in general. You should make eating healthy thing a habit, not a temporary thing to lose weight for summer. That’s not a healthy and effective way to live.

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