How to get outside of your comfort zone

July 27, 2019Rabea

We all know that permanently staying inside of your comfort zone keeps your life from progressing and getting better. But how to get out of your comfort zone when you don’t really have a plan. I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing for the last years to leave my comfort zone regularly.

How to get outside of your comfort zone main

Write down things you wanna try

There are going to be things you really wanna do but never really make time for or procrastinate in the end and those are the first ones you should write down. It could be a new hobby, a place you wanna go or just doing something you already do in a different way. This should be the easiest thing to do in this list.

Write down things you are afraid of

This one gets a little bit harder. What things are you afraid of doing? What things are you afraid of doing BUT really would love to try? There are so many random things like complimenting strangers for example. There is a great Ted Talk on overcoming fears that gives you a few more ideas on what to write down for this. This section might be longer if you are a sensitive person or have anxiety. That’s not a bad thing, it’s actually more ways to improve and grow.

Plan 2-3 of those things per month

This is the part where it gets real. Block of 2-3 days per month to do a few of those things you wrote down. Knowing when you will do things outside of your comfort zone makes it easier to prepare and at some point leaving the comfort zone for smaller things will get easier. Overcoming fear is a muscle that needs to be trained to stay in shape.

Listen to your intuition and slow down if needed

This is super important! If you are somebody that gets easily stressed out you should definitely listen to your intuition with the frequency of those days. It’s also super important to know what you think and feel out of fear and what you think and feel out of intuition and inner stress. There is a big difference between your mental defense mechanism and really not feeling well with something you do. I overdid it 2 times in the past and now have a better feeling for when to slow down.

Write down your experiences, capture the high

It’s super important to capture how good it feels to overcome a fear and go outside of your comfort zone. This will motivate you for the next times and will be a cool thing to look back on. Writing it down will also make you happier for a little bit longer since it is journaling and gratitude logging in one. Two things that are really great for your mental health and mood stability.

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How to get outside of your comfort zone

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