How to chill after a long day of work

March 23, 2019Rabea
How to chill after a long day of work main

It doesn’t matter if you work a 9-5 job or you work from home. Almost everyone struggles with winding down in a healthy way after a long day of work. This begins with preparation and ends with making the right choices and that’s why I made this blog post on how to chill after a long day of work.

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Meal Prep

Preparing your food for the evening or a whole week makes a big difference. Especially when you live alone or just with a partner it’s easy and quick to prepare everything and just grab it when you get home. Just type in your style of food (sweet, savory, vegan, paleo,…) into Pinterest and add the word meal prep and you will get tons of ideas. You can also check out my Food Inspiration board to find some very interesting vegetarian and vegan recipes.

Breathing practice

Now that you don’t have cooking in the back of your mind you already come home less stressed and the first thing after putting all your things away is doing some breathing exercises. Just focus on your breathing, try to slow down your thoughts and just breath. You can also have a full on meditation session, but I personally think that it is easier to slow down with breathing exercises

Drink plenty of water

You probably are somebody that is very concentrated on other things than drinking at work and that’s why you should refill your body with a 1-2 glasses of water. I know how hard it is to remind yourself of this, but have a solution for that especially for the work-from-home girls out there. This water bottle is automatically filtering your water, helps the environment and I personally drink a lot more water since I own it. I read somewhere that your thirst won´t stop as fast when your lips don’t get wet when you drink, maybe I drink more because of that. But I can definitely recommend it and it comes in different colors as well.

Tidy up a bit

Now you slowed down a bit and are re-energized again. What you should do now is tidy up everything you left in the morning or from coming home. You want to wake up the next day to an organized room white everything in its place. I personally made this a habit and can´t go to bed when I know that my desk will be full of notebooks the next morning. Put away your laundry and sort through everything that is just laying around your room.

Workout & then eat

You are probably thinking “Why should I put myself through a workout before I even ate something?”. It’s pretty simple: You are burning calories while working out and in a short amount of time after the workout. I just makes sense to put it in this order for most people. Of course not everyone is able to do this and that’s okay. This post is made so you can switch the routine around for yourself. If you need some workout recommendations: I love this yoga mat, a Blackroll is important and little weights are also in my routine.

Read instead of TV

Watching TV isn’t a healthy habit. It’s full of negativity, forms your mind and doesn’t really teach you as much as a book. I personally rather read a book that either helps me in life or brings me into another world. I made a whole blog post about my 5 favorite self-help books with Quote Printables for you. At the moment I read “Getting Things Done” and it’s very good so far. If you don’t want to actively read it I can recommend Audible to you, they have pretty much every book you can think of.

Those were my tips on how to chill after a long day of work. Always remember that nobody is following routines like this perfectly and of course you are going to hang out on Social Media in between, but try to make it as healthy as possible. If you want more tips and updates on topics like this and also want access to printables and other helpful resources you should sign up for my newsletter to get access to my freebie library:

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How to chill after a long day of work

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