Habits to get out of depression

June 13, 2020Rabea

Getting out of depression can be a long and tiring journey, but there are habits that can certainly improve the journey. Here are habits to get out of depression.

*Disclaimer: This post and these habits do not replace professional help!*

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Write those feelings down, all of them. It doesn’t always have to be easy to comprehend afterward as long as you got it out of your system. But you can also go through what you wrote on one of your better days and analyze what made you feel a certain way and how to improve on it. It’s easier to look at negative thoughts and how to turn them into more neutral or even positive thoughts when you actually write them down. That way you can turn an “I’m not xzy,” into “I might be good at xyz,” or “I can/will improve in xyz.”


Sitting with your thoughts and letting them pass. This is a practice that takes time but it also doesn’t take much energy. You might have a “bed-only” day and you’ll still be able to meditate. Start with guided ones, then check if calm music helps or if silence is better. Concentrating on only your breathing and noticing when your mind goes different paths, just to but it back on the mission to concentrate on simply breathing can be very powerful. This is especially helpful if your depression comes with symptoms of anxiety.

Working out

This is for the better days, but it is vital. You might hate working out, but working out is better than feeling mentally and physically miserable. You don’t have to do a 30-minute workout. Maybe do a bit of yoga or a squat challenge. Anything that keeps you moving. Working out in any capacity is linked to better mental wellbeing since mind and body are connected. If you feel physically better, it will reflect on your mental health. Maybe make a little motivation board to keep yourself going with it.


This might be the most awkward practice to do in the beginning, but it can certainly help. Tell yourself things in the present tense. “I am strong, I am loved, I am powerful.” or “You are creative, you are valid, you are needed.”
You don’t have to do that out loud, but repeating that every now and then to yourself throughout the day, in front of a mirror or while meditating can make the world of a difference if you do it over a long period of time. I helped me a lot with confidence and anxiety attacks.

Gratitude Log

Write down 3-7 things a day that you are grateful for and try to not repeat too many. You’ll see that you will be able to find new things every day. In the beginning it might be obvious stuff, like the internet, your bed and nature. Later it may turn into specific things, like a specific post you found, a line in a song or a piece of clothing. This practice helps you find the good in small things and that will also change your outlook on the world bit by bit.

Eating healthy

Also hard to do, but insanely important when it comes to your connection between mind and body. You will obviously eat easy to make foods on bad days, but maybe start eating healthier on good days and even prepare snacks and food to unfreeze and heat up for the bad days. It doesn’t have to be a perfect track record, but even just trying to drink more water and eating one fruit a day can make a big difference in your mood.


Not only your mind and body need fuel. Your soul is also an important part of you. Doesn’t matter what you believe in spiritually, you have something that is passion, right? Do something that fills that space in you. For me it often is writing and painting. It might be something completely different for you. Try things out and put your heart into a hobby that automatically gives back to you.

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Habits to get out of depression

Habits to get out of depression by Rabea

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