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November 24, 2018Rabea

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It’s officially holiday season and that means the struggle of gifts is starting. Especially with creative people it can be hard to think about something to gift to them that’s not too cheap but also not too expensive and that’s why I made a little gift guide for creatives.
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Can you gift an artist art? Yes, but here are some other ideas since that’s not the only way to give an artist a great gift.

Good watercolors

Getting good watercolors can be really hard and sometimes really expensive. But it is totally worth it to invest in a few colors as a gift. Since good watercolors can be mixed better you should be good to go with 3-5 colors. I personally love Schmincke watercolors because they are super high quality and last forever. You can also check out Etsy for people who make watercolors themselves in little sets and support a small business in the christmas season if you want to.

Big Magic (Book)

This is the number one book to gift to creatives. It’s all about the struggles and life lessons of a creative and how to get through different phases of being a creative. I read it two years ago and to this day I remind myself of little things from the book. Elizabeth Gilbert also wrote “Eat Pray Love” and is in general the ultimate creative that I would take advice from.


Blogging / Building a business

In the digital time we live in more and more young and old people have the idea to start a blog, a shop or an online business. Helping them out with the start is one of the things that will make an impact forever.


If you want to start a professional blog, shop or portfolio the number one thing needed it always a hosting service for the website. I personally use Bluehost for this blog and never had any problems with it. The price might be a bit high but starting a business is a longtime investment and putting in a hundred dollars for this will go a long way. I have a Bluehost Review coming up soon to help you decide a bit easier.


A blog needs views and the easiest way to get attention to your blog is Pinterest in most niches. I personally love Tailwind to automate all my Pinterest postings and let it pin for me without needing to be on the page everyday and pin manually. This is a big help and all the big bloggers are using it. I recommend investing in the yearly package since there are more pins included which helps tremendously with traffic.

Creative Market Credit

A good creative business has a good branding. Finding nice fonts, graphic elements and pictures for a blog, shop or business website can be hard but on Creative Market you can find everything in one place. I wrote a whole post on my favorite blog designs from there and love the little packs of graphics. I personally use this page a lot and don’t want to miss it. You can give your friends a little coupon and give them Credit on the website after they created an account and they can take it from there to buy little things.



Writers also seem a bit hard when it comes to gifts. I personally consider myself a writer with all my fiction stories, novels and blog posts I write every year and my answer is easier than you’d expect.

Good Books

Writers need inspiration and good books are always appreciated. I wrote a whole post on life-changing personal development books that you should definitely check out. I personally prefer personal development books since I think creatives need the practical tips in them but if you know that someone loves to read fiction novels you should definitely check out the bestsellers there.

Home Decor

Writer sit in front of their computer a lot and that is either on a desk or in bed. Gifting them little home decor items from pages like Society6 and RedBubble can make a big difference. They can even me writing themed, full of book quotes or have motivational sayings on them. I personally have shops on both websites and would love it if you would check them out and might even leave me an idea for a new design in the comments below so I can diversify my portfolio.

This was my little gift guide for creatives. There are a lot more things to make others happy with but I hope this post could get your mind going with ideas. Always remember to support small businesses, self-employed people and local businesses!

Oh…almost forgot! I have gifts for you that you can have right now! I have a whole library full of free downloadables. They are all self-care, personal development and business themed. All you need to do to get them is signing up for my newsletter for free:


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Gift Guide for creatives

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