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September 15, 2018Rabea

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If you have big dreams you need to change your mindset to a success mindset. That’s why I wanted to make this blog post with affirmations for people with big dreams. I hope it helps you.

I can achieve everything I set my mind to

This is the most important affirmation in my opinion and I always use it while I meditate. This is something you can bring in at any time with any emotion to feel better and a little bit more fearless. Maybe you won’t be able to go to the next solar system if that is your dream, but pretty much anything else is achievable if you set your mind to it.

I manifest my dreams into existence

Manifestation is a big thing for me when it comes to my biggest dreams. No matter if you believe in the Universe, God, Allah or whatever, manifestation is a part of all of these beliefs. You get what you share with the world. If you share what you dream of you are more likely to get the opportunities sent to you.

I can reach my dreams

This is a very short one but it’s also very effective at any time. If I feel a bit overwhelmed or down I always say this to myself. It really helps to get you out of a weird mindset. This is a perfect example for “Tell yourself the things you would say to your friends.” Be kind to yourself and the rest will come automatically.

I am successful

This is a very simple one that you should add to if you can. You are successful in the topic of your goal. This helps a lot with confidence and motivates you to work on it even more. Especially women hear this rarely while they are still on their way up. Say it to yourself so you don´t need to hear it from others later when you already reached your goal.

My passion gives me energy

While passion can burn you out (and you should definitely have a balance) it can also give you energy and speaking it into existence helps you to concentrate on this balance and energy. I personally love to write blog posts and let my thoughts flow onto my keyboard. My balance is music and drawing without pressure and that’s also my passion.

Everything in my life prepares me for my dreams

Everything leading up to your goal is preparing you for it and you need to remind yourself of this everytime you want to doubt yourself and your thoughts. You are never fully ready to do some things but you are prepared to do them. This helps a lot when you need to go outside of your comfort zone to do something great.

The universe has my back

This also interchangeable with any belief system. The entity you believe in has your back and keeps you a stable human being. Never doubt the things happening in your life because in the end you will look back on it and will see the lessons learned from it.

This will work out how it’s supposed to

This is perfect for the situations that make you nervous when you think about them. Your goal will work out how it’s supposed to. That may mean it will be greater but it could also mean that it won’t be as fulfilling but you might learn from that like mentioned above.

These were my favorite affirmations for people with big dreams. Share yours with me in the comment section. If you want to print these Affirmations out to see them everyday you can download them in my freebie library. You can access the library as a part of my newsletter squad. If you aren’t part of that you can sign up for free here:

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Affirmations for people with big dreams

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