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January 2, 2019Rabea
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Every year around this time I reflect on what I have learned in the year before and this time I wanted to share it with you on my blog. There are a lot of things we all need to be reminded of regularly. Here is my advice to my past self and you.

Good things take time

I need to be reminded of that every freaking day. You can work on something every day and don’t see results for a long time. Good things, good quality and pretty much everything that’s good in the long term takes time. Good things need time to build themselves up before they can give back to you. I have been blogging for 7 years now and only in the last year did a whole lot of things occur to me and give back. My art also only got better with time. My friendships got better with time and my writing still makes major improvements every month. Not everything has instant results like we want it to.

Worrying about it for too long is only wasting time

It’s totally okay to worry about things you can and can’t control. You should stop yourself after a while if you can’t control it and if you can control it you should act upon it instead of thinking about it. We waste so much time with worrying for too long about things we shouldn’t be worrying about in the first place. 90% of what happens is how you react to it and not the thing that’s actually happening. Chill a bit, make a plan or put your attention to something that brings you joy.

Always have your goal in mind

If you do things in life without a goal it’s kinda for nothing. It doesn’t matter if the goal is to make yourself happy, to make others happy or if what you are doing is helping you with something on your list of big goals. Always have a few goals that get you up in the morning when you don’t have motivation. Because this is how you keep going. You need to be able to work without the initial motivation of a goal and this is why keeping it in front of you definitely helps.

It’s normal to want to give up sometimes

Nobody can be happy all the time. That would be seriously unhealthy. There need to be ups and downs in life and it’s totally okay to be in a down from time to time. Life comes in phases and so does happiness. Sometimes I also sit in bed and wanna throw everything against the wall but I trained myself to immediately do something for myself after being in the feeling for a while. That can be listening to music or actually working on the thing that is causing me to feel like I wanna give up. Sometimes the only things that help are writing, crying and sleeping and that’s okay too as long as you learn how to work with those little “I wanna give up”-sessions that come from time to time.

Failing helps growth

Also a thing everybody needs to be reminded of regularly. Failure makes us grow into a better person because we learn from failure. That’s why creatives do things they are afraid of doing and failing. They wanna grow and they wanna broaden their horizon. Failing is never nice but it surely gets a bit better when you sit there after it happened and ask yourself what it taught you and if it changed you into a different person in some aspects. I don’t know how many times I failed at things in 2018 and I’m still going because I see what I learned from it, it made me into a better person and I will continue to learn from the failures looking back at them from time to time. Don’t be afraid to fail sometimes

These is my most important advice to my past self and you. There are way more life lessons to learn but these sounded like they could help the most for everyone going through life.

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Advice to my past self

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