How coaching can help you in your daily life main thumbnail

How coaching can help you in your daily life

January 5, 2019Rabea
How coaching can help you in your daily life main thumbnail

Coaching always sounds a bit weird when you don’t exactly know what it is or what it will be like if it’s happening online. I wanted to tell you how coaching can help you in your daily life. It doesn’t matter if online, offline, life coaching or creativity coaching. All types of coaching can enrich your daily life.

It is a form of therapy

It’s a bit like having therapy sessions just without a licensed therapist and a professional in a certain topic instead. Life coaching is the closest thing to standard therapy sessions in my opinion but also creativity coaching is close since your creative side is based on your emotional life. I personally love talking to people on this level and it’s always great to leave a conversation with advice.

Life Advice

Like I just mentioned: The advice is the best part about coaching. Always. Someone else always has better input into your projects and better feedback into your plans than yourself. But even outside of that there are a lot of moments where a coaching session goes directly into what is happening in your life and is giving you advice to use for the rest of your life.

Goal Setting & Tasks

Having someone else to hold you accountable with your goals and big to do lists is a gift. If you work better with a deadline and a bit of pressure this is definitely a helpful effect of coaching. Having someone that tells you that you won’t get something done in the time you planned in for yourself or that you need a better schedule is worth everything.

Having a helping hand in your life

This ties in to everything said before. If you have a coach for a longer time you definitely become a team and it is definitely like having a helping hand in your business or personal life. They nudge you into the right direction no matter what they coach you for.

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How coaching can help you in your daily life

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