5 things you are doing wrong fighting anxiety

June 7, 2017Rabea


A anxiety disorder can be really hard to handle. Believe me: I feel ya!
But maybe you doing some of these 5 things wrong. Let us take a look what you could do better to improve your healing process.


Too much pressure to heal

The self pressure to heal to fit back in our old routine is cancer for your soul. Don’t pressure yourself to be perfect and overcome anxiety in 2 weeks. Thatยดs not going to happen. Relax, it takes time.


No pressure at all

If you don’t pressure yourself at all to face a fear you won’t move forward. The balance between too much and no pressure is exactly right. You should want to heal, but not believe itยดs going to happen in a short amount of time.


Not eating healthy & working out

Our physical health affects our mental health. Eat as healthy as possible and do at least a little workout 3x a week. We all know, that working out can help heal depression and it’s the same for anxiety. Drink smoothies, eat salads, have a bit of chocolate to stay sane.


Not changing the pessimist mindset

You always think about bad things that could happen. You can train yourself to do this less often through creating positive thoughts against your negative ones and using daily affirmations. Better mindest = better health.


Wrong goalsetting or not goalsetting at all

Setting goals the right way is so important to get out of anxiety disorder. You have to face your fear in little steps and you’ll absolutely need breaks. Set yourself monthly goals and weekly goals. I have a whole video about it. Watch it down below and turn on subtitles if you are one of my english readers ๐Ÿ™‚

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