Why failing is good when you have anxiety

May 9, 2018Rabea

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You probably read the title and thought “Failing is good? Where is failing good?” It sounds wrong, but isn’t it a well known thing to say “I learned from my mistakes” or am I wrong here? There is a reason why failing is good. You should definitely read this whole post to understand the concept that I am thinking of here.

Why failing is good when you have anxiety

Setbacks are shitty, I know what I am talking about here, but they are actually helpful. We don’t make the same mistake twice that often and if we do, we learn it the second time. Failing feels bad most of the time but don´t you come out wiser every time you got crushed? I personally feel better after every fail and feel like I can conquer the world. After every down there is a way up, right?

What can I learn out of this?

The key to feeling like a Queen after every failure is to ask yourself what you can learn out of you mistake. What did you make wrong? Which other factors played into it? What am I anxious about now? How can I overcome it the next time? Make a plan what you can do better next time and crush it. If you just fail and fail and fail and you don’t try to learn something out of it you feel miserable. Of course, why wouldn’t you. We live to learn, that’s what our life basically consists of.

Stand up and do it again

Especially with anxiety it is bad to go back into situation that you feel like you failed in the last time. But the only way over it is to go through it again, better than before. With all the things you learned from the last step you know how to make it easier for yourself this time. Sometimes you just need to believe in yourself for a second and just do it and don´t stop yourself from confronting a situation. The number one reason why I have a strange love for Nike is just because of their “Just do it.” slogan. It’s not only fitting for sports, but also for failure and confrontation.

Be proud

This post turned into a motivational speech, but I think you really needed it. Everyone needs this from time to time to get up and just crush it with their new goals and actions. I want you to get up, identify your fails, redo this and be proud for doing it 10x better than before, because there is always a way up out of every fail. I personally struggle the most with this step, just because I wanna reach higher. It’s never good enough and I always want the next better thing. But I need to be proud of myself for this, and you need to do that to!


And this is why failing is good when you have anxiety! You grow in so many mental places that you might not even notice and every time you look back at your past-self you see what changed positively. I how you conquer a fear today. If you do so let me know in the comments and if you want to have daily reminders to print out and put on your wall you can get them in my freebie library for my newsletter subscribers:


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