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August 8, 2018Rabea

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I feel like being a creative person in our current education system is a negative thing and that’s sad. I personally have some tips for the creatives out there that are still in school. Here is how I survived, here are my back to school tips for creatives…

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Finish your work first

Finish everything you need to do as soon as possible to have more time for creativity without thinking about work you still need to do. I always came home with tons of homework and luckily I loved pretty much every subject except for maths. I always powered through all the homework to have more time after I finish them. Doing every homework directly after getting it will save you. You can also go the route of “doing the homework the day before I have the subject again” but you will forget to do it a lot more. I speak from experience.

A project outside of school

Give yourself a big project for the whole year outside of school. This could be anything. Maybe you want to write a book, maybe you always wanted to learn the basics of guitar or you sign up for a dance class. This will take your mind off of school and at the same time you learn something new in a creative way. Try to make an action plan to follow to really finish the goal by the end of the year. I started so many books and never planned them right and you shouldn’t make the same mistake.

Track your productivity and creativity

You need to figure out which days are more productive than others and how much creative things you do in a week. Writing it down in a journal is the best way to do that in my opinion. You can look up tons of journal spreads for this purpose and they all work pretty well. If you are like me and that only works for a month until you forget about it you should try a daily tracking app like Daylio. You can track whatever you want in that app and I use it for almost two years now.

Try to make your notes beautiful

I hate to study with ugly-looking notes. Try to get more creative with your notes or even rewrite them if it makes you learn easier. The best inspiration that you can get for this is the hashtag #studyspo. This is a gold mine of good-looking notes and styles that you can copy for your own notes. Or maybe write down your notes in a digital form if you prefer that. I personally need to write things to memories things, but typing might be your favorite and using nice fonts on the computer make your notes look much better.

Use digital tools for digital work

While we are talking about digital studying, you should always use tools that make it easier for you to work digitally. I personally love to use Grammarly on my documents and important mails since it looks at your writing like MS Word does but it’s simply better at detecting errors and where you should end a sentence and start a new one. I can definitely recommend it and it’s free. You can get a paid version with more features, but I would recommend that one more to college students and people with a computer heavy job.

Still try to socialize, even when it’s hard

As an introvert that dealt with anxiety a long time of my life I need to say this: Socialize as much as you can. I didn’t do it in my darkest times and that made it worse. Keep your social interactions intact even when it’s a bit hard. If you don’t your chance for getting into a sensitive mental state are higher and I feel like a lot of creatives are sensitive in the first place. So always keep an eye on your frequency of social interaction.

These were my Back to school tips for creatives. If you need some motivation (I mean come one, it’s still school) I have tons of motivational printables and even a mini ebook about creative ruts in my freebie library that is accessible for everyone that is part of my email squad. I´m currently planning for the next mini ebooks so don’t miss out and sign up here:

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Back to school tips for creatives

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