Advantages of blogging over social media

February 27, 2021Rabea

Blogs aren‘t dead. They can actually still lead to quite a lot of good stuff. I wanted to share some advantages of blogging over social media with you today to show you how a blog can‘t be overshadowed by social media completely.

If you haven’t started a blog yet I can recommend Bluehost* to you to get started. It’s what I’ve been using for years for the blog you’re currently on.

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Fairly Independent

A blog is a pretty independent platform. Sure, you depend on a website hosting service, but if that turns out being bad you can just move to another one, plus you can back your entire blog up to your computer regularly while social media posts can only be archived and social media could just be shut down one day. It‘s unlikely to be shut down, but you never know what a lawsuit might do to how a social media platform currently functions.

Easier to push people towards a lead

This is subjective, but not everyone is made for showing up on social media and might prefer blogging and email marketing for that. Unless you prioritize your socials and show your face a lot, a blog can be easier to push people towards a freebie. Mastering some copywriting basics is probably easier than slowly becoming more yourself on Instagram Stories.

Content has a longer lifespan

This is a big one. While your social media feed is pretty permanent, the content itself is on the timeline of others for no more than 2-3 days. Meanwhile blog content shared on Pinterest can have a lifespan of 1-3 months, sometimes even more. And if your SEO game on your blog is strong your post might rank on the first page of google results for months or even years. More impact for less overall time put in.

Easier to promote

On socials you‘ll have to constantly go with the algorithm, new features and hashtags that work for you to promote your account and get followers. For a blog a lot of the promotion is one and done and every further promotion is just one link away since links are so permanent. Some socials don‘t even have ways to link to them properly.

Blogging has its benefits compared to social media and if you want to start a blog you should get my blog planning & setup guide by entering your email below and check out my blogging resources:

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Advantages of blogging over social media

Advantages of blogging over social media by Rabea

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