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Start your self care journey with my eBook "Mind, Body & Soul"

The 3 areas of self care

The entire book covers the three main areas of self care. Mind, Body and Soul. Each of the areas needs to be stimulated to achieve absolute relaxation. Learn what you can do to care for yourself today!

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Perfect for beginners

You might be thinking that you already learned everthing out there about relaxation and mental health, but I can assure you this eBook will open your eyes to even more techniques. It doesn’t always have to be the first thing coming to your mind.

Including easy recipes

Not only are there three big sections about all things self care in the eBook, you also get an entire section of easy and quick recipes that you can make for your self care days. And all of them are vegetarian!


The section MIND teaches a lot about keeping yourself smart and overwhelming yourself less. The section BODY is all about fitness and food. The section SOUL is all about doing things you’re passionate about, being mindful and developing a better intuition.
AND: There are some extra little things hidden when you buy the book, but I won’t give that secret away!

It’s for everyone that wants to take better care of themselves, learn new things and wants to have a guide to come back to in times of stress.

The eBook has 42 pages full of knowledge and love. It costs $9, but as a part of my squad you’ll get __________ off. There is a 28-day-refund policy. The extra content in the eBook is updated 1-2x per year.

Amazing ebook and must-read if you’re either new to this topic or want to dive deeper into it. The ebook also comes with some recipes, exercises and journaling prompts, which I find very inspiring and helpful. It’s easy to read and understand , covers a lot of areas and provides amazing tips to organize and get your life together and improve your mental health!
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