how to get your life together and keep it that way

Dive into your goals

A third of the workbook will help you set goals, figure out where to improve in all the areas of your life and gives you prompts to analyze your dreams and passions deeply.

Create systems & Flows

The core of what brings you to your endgoal will be the systems and workflows you create. The workbook teaches you systems that will have a big positive impact on your life.

Declutter every part of life

This workbook doesn't only tell you about decluttering physically. Mental, digital and social decluttering is also an important. You'll get full checklists to work with on top of that.

Plan out your future

This workbook will make 5 year planning feel so easy. Make an entire game plan for the decade in there and have it for future reference! There even some fun writing prompts in there!

What's inside?

  • The stages of personal development
  • A guide to setting goals
  • Setting Life goals
  • Goalsetting Guide
  • Areas to set goals in + Level 10 Life
  • Personal Development Plan
  • Guide on how to start & stop habits
  • Decluttering Guide
  • Things I learned the hard way
  • The pillars of self care
  • What are Life Admin Days?
  • What are Weekly Reviews?
  • The best Organization Systems
  • Time Management Guide
  • Work-Life-Balance Tips

How it will help you

  • You'll feel less overwhelmed with your workload and goals.
  • Your time management will improve.
  • You'll get clarity on your goals and dreams.
  • You'll actively work on your goals every week.
  • You'll see where exactly you need to improve.
  • You'll judge less and improve more.
  • Your habits will change and get better.
  • You'll learn new techniques to pick from if others don't help.
  • You'll get some life lessons without having to make the mistakes.
  • You'll learn how important self care is.
  • Your physical space will improve.
  • You'll likely have more time for family, friends and hobbies.
  • You'll learn to value your goals higher.
  • You'll start motivating yourself by thinking of the things you wrote in the workbook

Choose the workbook or the bundle

You can get the workbook only OR you can get my workbook in a bundle with an entire eBook about self care. Together they usually would cost over $25.





Frequently asked questions

This workbook includes a personal development plan, a 10-1 year plan, a level 10 life planning section, decluttering checklists, systems to keep up with your goals, advice on building habits and goalsetting. There is more but these are the most useful tools included in the workbook.

It is $15 unless it says otherwise after you click the buy button. Sometimes there are sales going on that make the workbook as cheap as $9. Follow me on social media if you want to wait ’till such a sale is around.

Sure, you can find pretty much anything online. These things aren’t secrets. I simply put them all in one place to share what has worked for me and will probably help you. If you want to go out there and learn about all these things yourself you’ll simply need much longer.

Since I sell out of Europe and the EU there is a 30 day money back guarantee. Most other sellers only give you 14 days.

You can rate the workbook on Gumroad (the platform you’ll buy it on). In case you have feedback on typos and grammar you can either write me an email over my contact form. In case you have positive feedback you can write me a testimonial over my contact form. Testimonials might be shared on my blog and socials and I might ask you for a picture to put next to your testimonial.

Have more questions? Contact Me

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